Sep 3

I just need to say that she also looks a LOT like Glenn Danzig, which ain’t gonna make the rest of her life any more enjoyable.

Sep 3

After watching the video can’t believe she managed that for that long, she looks like the Karen archetype and her barrio impression was like a shit American impersonation of a cockney.

Jul 2

I’ve tried going to the department of labor here in CA. It takes forever, and really often there isn’t much that comes of most complaints unless it’s payroll based or there are multiple examples from multiple people. Bad publicity is often way more effective at changing this kind of BS than a warning letter from the Read more

May 28

I really (naively) hope that 2020 is the year we all learn to leave “no political posts” rules/complaints behind us. While I certainly understand the desire to have a positive space that might be a bit of a retreat from the constant stress caused by “politics” 24/7, the ability to forget about “politics” is only Read more

May 20

“Decode” is sort of like Paramore writing an Evanescence song, which is great, but also makes me wonder why Evanescence isn’t included in this soundtrack. Read more

May 8

Stephen Miller reproduces by manually massaging the exterior ovipositors of Republican women and excreting pheromones designed to mimic those produced by an immigrant woman as an ICE agent tears her child from her arms. Stephen Miller will then store the excreted eggs in a damp skin flap, deposit them in a shallow, Read more

Mar 9 2020

Pete Davidson first appeared on SNL about four years before his relationship with Ariana Grande. That same year, he contemplated suicide, not long after he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Read more

Mar 6 2020

I really hated that people were comparing the diaper change to breast feeding. It is NOT the same! Breastfeeding your baby at the restaurant table - completely normal and fine! Changing their diaper there? Disgusting, rude, and completely unsanitary! Changing the baby on the floor not as big of a deal obviously but Read more

Feb 14 2020

This is what drives me fucking insane as a trans woman. Because on the one side, you have a ton of cis people saying things that are just blatantly incorrect because they don’t understand just how much HRT changes your body, especially if you start young. To give you an idea, I started at 19 and the movement of my Read more

Nov 18 2019

Hi, you said a stupid thing and I am going to point out why it’s stupid. Sure if a tree was just hanging out by itself on the middle of nowhere, fell over, and then completely disintegrated into the air then what you said about carbon might be true. But trees usually get absorbed into the ground and/or other plants. Read more

Nov 12 2019

I would like to be less aware of Shawn Mendes’ tongue, please.

Oct 29 2019

Meanwhile, people act as if it’s the greatest injustice in the history of the world if the you tell them to consume less, buy less crap. And if you tell people we all have to reduce the amount of single use, someone ALWAYS starts going on about how it won’t matter if they stop using plastic straws because big Read more

Sep 20 2019

That’s a lot to lay on the tiny shoulders of a child. Do you feel this much “ire” every time you see a white girl with a messy bun? All children look unkempt after running around and playing all day, but only Black children get maligned as a disgrace to their entire race for doing what kids do. Can they ever just live Read more

Sep 18 2019

Stop it. Stop attacking women for having opinions, speaking out, and trying to make things better. What the hell happened to Jezebel? I’ve been around here for years, and recently the rhetoric has just become so hateful and isolating. This is ridiculous.