Jul 2

Whyyyyyyy are these people talking to the media instead of filing complaints with NYS Dept. of Labor? I mean, maybe they are doing both, but that doesn’t seem to be part of the story. I worked hourly in NY after college for big retailers and they were extremely serious about putting us on break and lunch, even when we Read more

Sep 23 2019

The U.S. hasn't ratified the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child period, never mind the optional protocol.

Sep 17 2019

I blame my bob on my 7 month old, who pulls my hair. Super rude, but he just won’t listen to reason. But I don’t have time for blow-drying, much less straightening, so my hair looks kind of like Ivanka’s if someone dropped her off in the jungle for a week. 

Sep 3 2019

Are we sure that isn't Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things/getting caught with drugs in the airport fame?

Aug 19 2019

I have a 4 year old Casper. I was honestly disappointed at first because it was too hard for me (side sleeper). I know they have a good return policy but it seemed like a hassle all the same so we bought an extra pillow top cover which made it acceptable for me. Now, over four years later it has softened enough that Read more

Aug 15 2019

I’m a mom of a six month old boy, but I’m not a #boymom. Not only do I not have time to read mommy blogs or get into mom culture, but it seems very limiting for mothers to build their outward identity around motherhood. I mean, yeah, I spend like 80% of my time when not working or sleeping with my baby, but at least I Read more

Aug 14 2019

It can be done! My two top front teeth are crowned because I broke them in an rollerblading accident. If you want to whiten, you should do it a couple of months before you get the caps, but don’t go too far. I loathed whitening with a burning passion so I barely whitened before the crowns. A cosmetic dentist who it Read more

Jul 30 2019

I’m a new first-time mom with serious “baby brain” brought on by hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation. I also have an irregular schedule. I work from home two days a week (with a babysitter) and go into the office three days, but on one day family watches the baby and on the other two he goes to daycare. I’m pretty Read more

Jul 19 2019

I teared up watching this. I didn't realize how badly I needed to see people being not shitty this week. 

Jun 19 2019

I had a scheduled c-section in February because baby was breech and neither me nor my OB was about to let me, as a first time mother at 35, attempt to push a baby out my vag ass-first. People at work and family knew because I had a firm birth date, but no one made any rude comments. Maybe it’s because I work with a Read more

Jun 13 2019

It definitely takes me way less time to bf when I telecommute than it does to pump at work. At home, the caretaker brings him up to where I'm working, I nurse him for 20 min, he usually falls asleep and I pass him back. At work, I have to treck to the mother's room, assemble the pump, pump for 30 min (less efficient Read more

Jun 13 2019

Yup this is my life right now. I am super lucky to have a flexible work arrangement, so I feed LionHeartedBaby from the breast when I telecommute 2x's a week and pump the other three days. I don't really care for pumping and can't imagine doing it exclusively, but I know some moms feel the same about nursing and Read more

Jun 4 2019

My last name is Ryan and I just had a son. I missed a golden opportunity with his name, but my husband was having none of it.

May 31 2019

Me too. Uptown Funk is vastly superior to most songs that make an appearance at every wedding.

May 30 2019

Bruno Mars isn’t that bad looking is he? Granted, I’m at least 2” taller than him, but that’s not a deal breaker... Sheeran and Bieber’s turrrrrrrrrrible tattoos would both be deal breakers for me.