2:41 PM

The family didn’t ask them to jump right in. William and Kate, future king and queen, took a 3 years easing-in period while they were newlyweds and the Queen was supportive. Meghan and Harry were the ones who famously said they were going to hit the ground running.
As for the use of “royal” in their marketing, the Read more

1:53 PM

But they are comparing dissimiliar situations. Like their claims about the royals seeking outside employment...Pretty clear call-out of Beatrice and Eugenie, both of who have never been working royals. And, I believe one of them even got called out and stopped when she tried to use Royal as part of a branding thing. Read more

1:00 PM

As long as Canadian taxpayers don’t have to foot a single loonie towards their security or whatever, I don’t care about their motivation.

12:15 PM

I still say the most reasonable solution is to eat them all. 

12:15 PM

Fuck the monarchy as a general rule, but damn it’s wild whenever a story involving Wallis Simpson doesn’t also note that she was, you know, a Nazi. Kinda one of those things that should follow your name around forever. 

12:12 PM

The only letters Wallis Simpson probably wanted were ‘SS’, so that was probably a good call.

12:55 PM

Right?! You bought a transatlantic flight for anywhere between $400-800 (so you have a credit card!) and then fly on to Amsterdam for cocktails, but you can’t charge a further €30 for a safe place to sleep??? You can also somehow afford to feed yourself for months in a country you're not allowed to work in. Ok...

12:46 PM

Who is this marketed towards? The people that like Tomi don’t wear leggings. The people that wear leggings don’t watch Fox News.

4:56 AM

Replacing the word “dog” with “social media celebrity” in your post makes your statement equally valid.

7:06 PM

When I’ve had a rough day and I come home and my 75 pound dog jumps on me, I take a step back, put my hands behind my back, look her in the eyes and say “No.” in a calm but firm manner. Read more

1:50 PM

I suspect she’s one of those people who buys a dog solely because she likes the way the breed looks, without doing any real research into the characteristics of the breed. That never ends well, I feel like you see that a lot specifically with dogs that are bred to work, like a Doberman, Siberian Husky or Malinois etc.
Read more

1:02 PM

Thank you....I read today that Hyundai will have rear seat warning standard in all vehicles by 2022. Progress is being made.

6:00 PM

If you’ve ever planned to run an errand, but ended up at home/work instead because that’s your normal routine, then you’re capable of leaving your kid in the car. Full stop. Read more

5:55 PM

I have four children, three of whom are alive and have children of their own. The 4th died as a baby, not from Hot Car Death, from SIDS. That was 33 years ago, a lifetime to many who may read this post. There isn’t a day I don’t think about him miss him and walk around with survivor guilt. Trust me on this, no court Read more

4:14 PM

I used to be one of those people who said only a dithering moron could accidentally leave their child in a car like that. I try not to be such a judgmental asshole these days. I don’t succeed all the time, but at least now when I see stories like this I feel sick for everyone involved instead of angry at the parent. Read more

3:20 PM

It doesn’t have to be developed, it already exists. I bought a Chevy last year and anytime I open the back door, even if its just to put a package in the backseat, when I turn my car off there is a dinging noise and a message on the dash that tells me to check the rear seat of my car. Why this isn’t mandatory, I do Read more