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3:33 AM

Why not just allow the user to navigate to the item they want to purchase instead of making them walk past an indeterminate number of metaphorical shelves in the hopes that they will buy something else along the way? Sure it's better than a loot box, but it's not perfect.

3:20 AM

Guy who was kind of a former family friend started a band and called it, I shit you not, Country Band. He has since decided to just go by his own name, but this former rapper and self proclaimed motivational speaker now songs shitty country songs in a thick southern accent.
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3:07 PM

So if someone were to hypothetically bid on and win the 1998 Celica GT-Four, and this person resided in the United States, how would registration work? Would said person need to sit on the vehicle for another 4 years before it could become road legal?

1:27 PM

Could this be just a Celica? The owner lists it as having a 4 cylinder engine, and I don't see the Supra logo on the back (though I don't know if that was on every Celica Supra). 

1:09 PM

I think Mack has made it clear that he won't be playing on his current contract, so I'd be completely shocked if Chicago didn't pony up the cash for him. 

10:45 AM

That’s kind of a dick move. I did it once, but only because it was some asshole outside of a laundromat who tossed his trash on the ground on his way out. I thought a better place would be the bed of his truck.

9:50 AM

I’m also not seeing the coupon, even when navigating to a product directly from the deal page.

I’m also not seeing the coupon, even when navigating to a product directly from the deal page.

3:48 PM

If you want to sit at a concert, that’s cool. But don’t get pissy when people in front of you stand and enjoy it. A few years ago, I had tickets to go see Robert Plant in Portland, and some guy behind me (5th or 6th row, I believe) bitched and moaned the whole time about my standing during the rock concert.

8:37 PM

I drove one of these all the way through college (and then some). It had some electrical gremlins but otherwise had no real issues and I averaged around 40mpg in mixed driving. Read more

11:54 PM

Hey Ajit, if this literally doesn’t change anything from a consumer perspective (it does, but that’s not the argument he’s making), then what harm were the Obama era regulations doing to us consumers?