Sep 3 2016

I have serious problem with people going to H&M for a Labor Day sale after the betrayed agreement to prevent factory fires in Bangladesh. I guess Jezebel doesn’t care about those workers lives. Solidarity fail.

I have serious problem with people going to H&M for a Labor Day sale after the betrayed agreement to prevent factory

Jan 14 2016

I think that’s Forrest Ackerman, Ray Harryhausen, and Ray Bradbury in the group portrait on the wall. Great to see Zacherle, too — who’s still around five years later (he’ll turn 100 in 2018).

Oct 22 2015

The only movie I walked out of was Mortal Kombat. Not beceause it was bad (which it was), but because there was a very loud obnoxious woman who felt the need to provide commentary MST3K style. Then there was a guy who felt the need to start a fight with said woman turning the whole theater into an episode of Jerry Read more

Sep 28 2015

Hey, I look at things ALL THE TIME. I had to look at your ridiculous comment, didn’t I?

Sep 28 2015

CANADIAN HERE! Donald Trump talks a lot about the international community (he calls them “they”) not respecting President Obama. As part of the international community, I can tell you that Trump is THE BIGGEST JOKE when it comes to American politics. We’re all over here just shaking our heads.

Sep 27 2015

Looking at some things? What exactly does that mean?

Sep 5 2015

Look, I was sitting here reading this article and saying to myself, “Look, the reality on the ground is far more complicated, and Children of Men wasn’t critiquing State tactics, it was commenting on the desperate places our society goes to in catastrophe, and goes pretty far to rationalize both the anti-Statist Read more

Jul 20 2015

“Does he mean Janet? Maybe, or maybe it’s something else.”

Jul 20 2015

How about instead of Ant-Man 2, they just go ahead and make The Wasp? Ant-Man can still show up as a supporting character if they want.

Jul 9 2015

She’s the captain of the ship, her word is law when at sea. At no point did she malign anyone, she simply enforced order.

Frankly I thought it was pretty awesome.

Jul 8 2015

Actually, you know what would be a much better piece of marketing? Let’s have them tattoo Bill Cosby with this

Jul 8 2015

“When a popular online game is shutdown, one boy refuses to log off—and then finds himself transformed into a powerful skeleton wizard as the game world becomes real.”