Nov 14

Thank you.I wasn’t looking for pats on the back, but to paint a picture that even what I do isn’t a reality for the urban and/or working poor,who simply don’t have the time, live in food deserts, or don’t have the knowledge that I do. Read more

Nov 14

I tend to say that in the majority of human history, the poor were just literally starved to death. Whereas now, we have unhealthy, cheap, subsidized food where the poor are killed by diabetes or heart disease instead. And then blamed for it. Read more

Apr 15 2019

Ariana WAS booked and busy. She had to reschedule part of her Sweetener tour in order to do Coachella. She was supposed to do the Midwest this month and it has since been pushed to July, leaving me more months to debate if I should go with my ex-boyfriend who has tickets, buy my own, or stay home and pout. Read more

Sep 11 2018

This is his not-so humble-brag. He's showing us lowly plebes/ non-Christian/ people who work actual jobs that require 8-10 hours a day investment (or those trying to eke out a living working multiple part time jobs) that we are inferior to him. In the eyes of Jesus and Markyfuckingmark. Fuck this jerk-bag.

Sep 11 2018

I think, between this and the annual Williams-Sonoma catalog review, we have learned that Drew needs to do more catalog reviews.

Jul 20 2017

I don’t know how I feel about all of these people who gave him the benefit of the doubt and are now so disappointed in how this presidency is turning out. Like, we tried to tell you? Y’all ever going to acknowledge you chose not to listen? When do I get to say I told you so?!

Apr 28 2017

I was just struggling with this exact issue, so this article came at a great time! One thing I’ve found helpful is to treat priorities like distractions (“Ok, I’ll check this one thing quickly.” *takes three hours*) and distractions like priorities (“Eh I’ll get to it at some point.” *never gets to it*).

Apr 9 2017

I WISH I could pull off her hair. Like, seriously, she’s had at least 6 different hair cuts/colors in the last few years, and they have ALL looked amazing. She is ridiculously hot. Read more

Apr 6 2017

OHMYGAAAWD. That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows the only place to rave is at the bottom of a hole, and if we wanted a beat we had to smack each other. A lake would have been a luxury!

Apr 4 2017

I just read the other story on this guy - why the f is he on tv? Why is he being given a platform? How is his story compelling? Read more

Mar 23 2017

I’ve had to yell at my mother to stop washing my clothes since I hit high school age. She tosses in EVERYTHING on one setting, yells if it’s deviated from on the machine, and swears that everything is supposed to shrink when you wash it. I’ve had good button up shirts ruined by her because they’ve shrunk to the point Read more

Mar 18 2017

They follow strict etiquette and grooming and things like plastic surgery, hair plugs, and botox is included. It’s considered tacky and cheap because it looks fake and while they want beautiful people to marry in, the focus isn’t supposed to be their ‘look’. If you watch them at public engagements you’ll notice other Read more

Mar 18 2017

I love her hands with the short, neat Mom nails. She looks like a woman who actually handles her kids on a daily basis. Read more

Mar 18 2017

OR just having that English skin, which is what I have. Over 35 on that, and you really need to keep extra weight to keep the wrinkles at bay.