Sep 12 2018

I have a theory that being rich messes with your mind. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s new rich or old money, people with money become mental. Too much of a good thing. Everything in moderation! Better get rid of some of that money, or you’re gonna be mental. These clothes are overpriced and ugly af. I shop at Read more

Jul 28 2017

I often wonder why the Christian God (a white man sitting on a throne in the land up there??) allows the rapings and brutal murders of the innocent (like newborns, five year olds, etc.). I do not understand the logic behind the biblical story of God, Jesus, and all them. And Revelations is just an acid trip from Read more

Apr 29 2017

I watch The People’s Court or Judge Judy, which I DVR in case I need them. I usually eat a plate of food or a sweet snack while watching. Also, play Clash of Clans.

Apr 9 2017

Ivanka is not without some intelligence (Most likely more intelligent than daddy, certainly less than Stephen Hawking.) but she lacks emotional intelligence? Empathy? ...  These Trump folks just seem so ignorant to the plight of the everyday human. Almost like they aren’t to blame, they don’t know any better. Blame Read more

Apr 9 2017

Here is a pic of Thomas Ravenel. Found it on Bravo’s website, a link entitled “A Walk Down Memory Lane With Thomas Ravenel”, or some shit like that. Who even thinks this man is cute? He is on TV because of his money, I guess. Whitney is also Not Attractive.

Mar 25 2017

I had to smile when I read your comment. My mom never separates laundry, dirty towels get washed right along with her work blouses. Everything gets washed in warm water on the normal setting, then hits the dryer on normal. Read more

Mar 19 2017

Me, too... my “low income lifestyle” has kept me humble and grateful. This old ass iPhone I’m typing on? I see the looks from others with their bigger phones. Wait until they see me with my backup phone, one-a-them prepaid flip deals. But I digress. Read more

Jan 8 2017

Someone once told me “don’t put your bed opposite the bedroom door, it sucks the life out of the room”.