License Plate 1I1-III1
Nov 28 2018

Holy shit red dead redemption 2 weed fest thanksgiving sounds like the best thanksgiving ever. Gonna have to steal that idea 😉👍

Nov 4 2018

And my favorite part was how Mo’Nique really set the record straight by bringing up ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Real Women Have Curves.’

Nov 4 2018

Right, let's blame an Australian woman for American white women voting for Trump, that's definitely helping our cause 2 days before the midterms. 

Nov 4 2018

Oh wow! Good on them for tearing down their fellow plus sized actress, I’m sure this kind of infighting will 100% lead to more roles for plus sized women in romantic comedies. Read more

Oct 29 2018

Oh cool, that’s good to hear actually. He seems to be such a polarizing figure, especially with his own musical career. But there are so many great female artists that have worked with him and seems to have had a great experience, like PJ Harvey, Bully, and Kim Deal. Maybe I’m just reading too much into the hype. Read more

Oct 26 2018

Steve Albini is definitely a brilliant engineer and producer. But he's also an asshole and an absolute fucking moron for not taking royalties on any of his albums. The fucker has to play poker semi professionally to keep the lights on at his Chicago studio during slow times. 

Aug 17 2018

I’m going to need to research some videos of them rolling around playing with toys before I offer my professional recommendation.

Jul 13 2018

Oh, for sure, it’s their mess to clean up so it’s going to fall on them to babysit him now.  I’m curious what other things have happened that didn’t even make the papers, I’m sure they’ve already started to cover up for him a bit.