10/27/19 2:29PM

Pretty sure Cinder was saying “I said I wanted wet FOOD you soon-to-be-dead hoomans!”

10/18/19 4:32PM

If Kamala doesn’t end up as AG, I’ll eat my hat. I should buy a hat.

10/17/19 11:03AM

It’s like those crime dramas when the killer inadvertently admits to the crime. Read more

10/15/19 2:25AM

Meanwhile, Liz Cheney is blaming Turkey’s invasion of Syria on... the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. Read more

10/14/19 12:28PM

This... She was a Texan in her own fucking house while somebody was snooping around outside with a flashlight. It’d be more surprising is she didn’t have a gun. Read more

10/14/19 9:53AM

White guy shoots up a mall, police find a closet full of guns in the house: “well, he purchased these legally what can you do, amirite?” Read more

10/14/19 9:24AM

Yes! People (white people, that is) in Fort Worth march around public areas in military fatigues with AR-15s slung over their shoulders. A gun in the bedroom IS FUCKING IRRELEVANT. 

10/14/19 1:45AM

I’m half Japanese, half Irish and just happened to get majority of the Irish genes. It’s almost comical, honestly it's depressing but how else can you deal with it, how different I get treated from my more Asian looking cousins. I swear I only got my first two jobs because I looked white, yet could be marked down as a Read more

10/14/19 1:39AM

White privilege is the shit that doesn’t happen to white people.

Everything else that gets people confused are things that aren’t white privilege. The privileges of wealth (which can be partly a result of white privilege) don’t apply to poor whites, so people who conflate the two (or have the two conflated FOR them) Read more

10/12/19 11:19PM

There was a gun in a drawer somewhere no where near close to the incident, the murder... err... defense was totally justified /s Read more

10/12/19 10:57PM

Don’t call the police. Ever. Seriously, just don’t, they cannot be trusted with anything more nuanced than a daylight bank robbery by guys with AR-15's.  

10/12/19 10:23PM

From the amount of news stories I’ve read I would think that if the gun was on her, they would have said so up front. So why include that in this in the press briefing? Reminds me of Botham Jean, in that first they search your house and tell the press something negative about you. Just like his weed, completely Read more

10/12/19 9:29PM

White Privilege isn’t an insult. Most white privileges are advantages everyone should have. The problem is when those privileges are taken as proof of superiority (personal or racial). You have people saying, “I’ve never been in trouble with the law, why can’t those people stay out of trouble” then joking about the Read more

10/11/19 2:47PM

I had never heard of them before. After I heard the description on Lore, I wondered if there is a kind of energy created in these old hospitals that attracts these “crawlers” as you called them. However they end up there- AGH! NOPE! I don’t see stuff but my daughter is known too. I would have left! 

10/11/19 1:32PM

For people like this, i find it helpful to start out by disassociating themselves from the conversation and get them to just acknowledge the concept of “privilege” in general, which exists everywhere and is ultimately pretty easy for people to get on board with when you’re deliberately not making it personal.
Read more

10/11/19 1:05PM

No clue about who gets to ask questions, but it seems like CNN dropped the ball all around with regards to black trans representation.

10/11/19 11:00AM

Or having a drivers license in general FFS. Like, I’m white, and I grew up dirt poor. I didn’t have a license until I was over 30. My parents couldn’t shell out 80 bucks for drivers ed in high school. I couldn’t go get it outside of the program, because the broke down piece of shit family car wouldn’t pass muster for Read more