5:45 PM

You are right, the metaphor is not 100% perfect, but you still got the message - and your analogy makes total sense!

10:12 AM

These are pretty decent headphones at a good price. I personally think they are tuned to favor heavy bass, but the quality and durability at this price is unbeatable.

These are pretty decent headphones at a good price. I personally think they are tuned to favor heavy bass, but the

5:09 PM

One that was not even mentioned. you do NOT have to accept it as it sits. I go through and cross out what I do not agree with and initial next to the cross outs. Then ask them to make a photocopy and we both sign both copies, one is my copy. Read more

10:31 AM

So, if they discovered it earlier this year, why didn't they prompt people... earlier this year?

7:50 PM

I tried this once, as the method is conveniently written on the back of the package for most beans. The results are decidedly less than optimal. Overnight or open a can; I'm not throwing out another batch of otherwise good chili.

2:01 PM

Vote: VLC
Why: so far it opens everything I throw at it. (Period)

10:28 AM

I do not care about whether or not thank you notes are hand written. However, I do agree that they do not influence the outcome. I rate the interview right afterward, while it is still fresh.

4:45 PM

Maybe I'm old school, but unless a thank you is hand written, I wouldn't bother. I interview people all the time and frankly, thank you's don't make a difference because I've already formalized my review by the time they show up. When I see a thank you for an interview that isn't hand written, all I can think is Read more

12:47 PM

So the purpose of a phone interview is to perform some early screening that can't happen via Resume. While Resumes are great for getting an idea about a candidate's ~advertised~ skills and background, a phone interview can tell you much more. Here's what I look for when I perform a technical phone interview:

1) Verbal Read more

12:39 PM

I used phone interviews to cull a huge interview pile into something manageable for in-person interviews. They are generally for screening purposes - are you coherent, do you know basic information about the job, what is your demeanor like, etc. Be courteous and prepared. You should be more comfortable than during an Read more

1:06 PM

This is pretty much my iDevice wallpaper. Call me dull but my home/lock screens have enough information vying for attention.

5:24 PM

Windows Key and one of the arrow buttons. I use this pretty frequently to re-organize windows I'm using and snap windows to one side of a screen. This is especially handy if you use more than one monitor because you can't snap a window to the side of the screen where the other monitor continues unless you use the Read more

4:52 PM

Mine is Win+Shift+arrow L or R - moves the active window to another display, then I used X Mouse Button Control app to make the mostly useless side clicks on my mouse's scroll wheel to perform that keyboard shortcut for both left side click and right side click, can't live without that now on my 4 display HTPC (yes, I Read more