Feb 14

I love you guys who boycott things and then have to tell everyone about it at every opportunity. Because what’s the point of a personal boycott if you can’t tell everyone about it to act superior? Read more

Feb 13

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was always my favorite non Arthur story in canon and I am ready for this. 

Jan 17

Being “rewarded” with a chance to win gifts from a raffle system where tickets are “paid” via mandatory extra hours is the premise of a Black Mirror episode that has yet to be written.

Jan 16

Hey, it’s my dad!

For real, my dad was one of the models who posed for the Hildebrandt’s Luke (it’s very obvious in the face; it’s definitely not Mark Hamill!). He was friends with the bros in the 70s in NJ and can be seen in some of the photos in their out of print art book as well. He passed away when I was 8 and Read more

Jan 15

Swatting is low level terrorism. It needs to be prosecuted that way.

Jan 9

This was an interesting perspective. I haven’t played OW in ages, so when I saw the image, all I though was ‘Oh, they’re doing a Japanese mech anime thing with D.Va. OK then, moving on.’ Read more

Jan 9

Here’s our teen mech pilot, in our game which tries to be inclusive of all people, but it’s not political, but we use feminism to promote the game, while being not political, but we want to sell skins, so sex sales right? But that’s fine because we’re not political. Also our mascot character is a lesbian. Read more

Jan 9

I always got the vibe that they wanted D. Va to be a Japanese character in order to pile on all of their retro-game-fanboy-and-oldschool-otaku-ness onto but didn’t for whatever reason. (Probably a half-baked attempt to try and pander to Blizzard’s giant south korean fanbase) ...and then decided to do all those things Read more

Jan 8

This isn’t to discount the concerns of these folks, but this is what happens when you co-opt a corporately owned piece of IP as a stand in or representation of the political identity or yourself or movement. When the ugly truths, that that piece of media was only ever meant to sell you something or somethings, and Read more

Jan 8

The whole premise of the game is “hot people shoot each other sorta” combined with a weirdly out of touch street fighter attempt to be global that was never not going to be problematic, so it’s a tough position to find a character who was absolutely 100% designed as japanese “tiny evangelion pilotfirst and then Read more

Jan 8

I think it’s happened because fans have become attached to the characters and tried to attribute meaning to them that doesn’t exist. Overwatch is a revelation in cultural representation to the same extent as Street Fighter - sure, there’s a bunch of races and genders, but they’re mostly there because one of the Read more

Jan 3

This article paints such a vivid experience of watching the last decade in transformation and the duality of representation and exclusion that has come with a renewed interest in video game gender politics. It’s not one I experienced firsthand, but one that I was painfully forced to watch my gaming friends suffer Read more

Dec 19

Pssh. I was keeping gates back when it was just a niche activity relegated to musty basements and dim back rooms. Now all these fair-weather fans show up and think they can man the gates against even fairer-weather fans. They’re not even at the real gates; these are like, curtain walls. I’m at the real gates, in the Read more

Dec 18

Well, what else would you expect regarding something so important to the human condition?