iHateHumanity...and lost burner passwords
3/30/20 11:20PM

Oh dear! Where oh where will Amazon find people to replace them especially at a time when so many people have been laid off? lol. These morons will be jerking off at home soon enough.

3/30/20 10:10PM

So... At some point maybe you guys should look at how responsible you (the online left collectively, I have no delusions that the desiccated shell of the Gawker vertical tilted the primary) are for Biden being the nominee due to tearing down every single other alternative acceptable to the vast majority of the Read more

3/30/20 7:38PM

So what’s the solution here? If you shut down grocery stores and Amazon and the postal service - how do we literally exist as humans? We need food. The potential threat of shutting down shipping and grocery stores is part of why the hoarding was so bad.

3/04/20 10:06PM

Oh wow, so Venezuela also has a president that doesn’t know how things work either and is so far in over his head. People really aren’t all that different after all.

3/04/20 10:03PM

There is no investment “some leftists” have, you disingenuous, ignorant troll. Venezuela is not socialist; Venezuela is a fascist, authoritarian regime who nationalized key industries for greed and power. It is much closer to the monarchical oil kleptocracies of the Middle East for the same reasons.

3/01/20 8:10PM

He’s was the only person running under the age of dinosaur who also is coherent?

2/27/20 3:30PM

The trailer has a warm, fuzzy feeling that I’d like to see continue. I know some people might want that last line “there’s nothing to be afraid of” to be ironic, but I’d be happy if it was the motto of the whole show.

2/21/20 9:02PM

That guy should be forced to ride in a extra large sized doggie carrier in the cargo hold.

2/18/20 12:12PM

The true horror is being trapped with Jesse Eisenberg

2/17/20 1:56PM

I appear to be in the minority of people who thought this episode was a bit crap.
I will admit that Chibnall is great at blindsiding you with what you weren’t expecting, but while that’s worked maybe once or twice, most of the time it just feels like throwing shit at the wall in the hopes that something will stick.

2/14/20 7:50AM

if that had anything whatsoever to do with this particular subject, then sure. We are not doing so great with our muslim community. Then again not a lot of countries really are. At least our borders aren’t closed to them.

But that has nothing to do with the subject. I wasn’t saying France would be perfect if we sorted Read more

1/27/20 1:13PM

Chicagoan here, living next to a large freshwater body is going to be hugely beneficial in 50 years.

4/19/18 12:35PM

Ewoks are evil dark side worshipers who eat storm troopers and make musical instruments from their bones. True story.