12:44 PM

yup seems like the writer wanted to say it whether it actually fit or not. Never Let Me Go has literally nothing in common with Hunger Games etc., other than there are people in it who are not fully grown adults. This website has become embarrassing and that makes me sad :(

9:31 AM

Noted YA author Kazuo Ishiguro! Author of such YA classics as The Remains of the Day! I don’t even think of Never Let Me Go as science fiction, although I have no argument for anyone who wants to put it into that category.

9:05 AM

Stop expecting these poor internet writers to have read things, you monster!

9:03 AM

I never saw the adaptaion of Never Let Me Go, but the book isn’t YA and has very little in common with most YA literature.  Sure, the characters are kids/teens, but that doesn’t make it YA or in the same vein as YA.

8:48 PM

I know it isn’t the same thing but back in the day I did enjoy emails via Outlook that said “the sender has a requested a read receipt, do you want to send this?”

8:34 PM

Right? Someone can watch me IN MY OWN GMAIL? I thought I had some privacy there. Like, I guess I knew a company could know if I opened their marketing email or not, but I never thought about an individual having that info or such a detailed account of it. Gross.

7:11 PM

Yeah, that’s really, really not okay to do to people who haven’t consented to its use. And very weird that a reporter who has spent a lot of her time on this site covering the “consent” beat would a) not think twice about using it and b) would have so little clue that its use would be controversial that she just

6:51 PM

Coincidentally I learned about this earlier this week from a coworker who casually mentioned that she does it and I honestly thought it was a thing everyone knew about and was doing except for me, so I pretended I understood while internally screaming. Glad others feel the same way I felt when I learned about it.

6:35 PM

This was my only takeaway from this whole mess.  What in the fuck?

10:07 AM

Why? As with black and brown juveniles around the country who are criminalized from pre-adolescence, 17 is plenty old to be treated like a “man,” in the U.S. court system, especially if the victims of such crimes are white (which, in this case, they were).

5:23 PM

Why? Often times, when caps enter a recycling facility’s sorting process, they get sorted out because of their small size, and are then sent to landfills. As such, caps are now among the most common trash items found in our oceans (which also end up in the food chain when ingested by sea life).

8:52 PM

An alternative, more likely thesis: homosexuality is so accepted today not *in spite of* the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but *because* of it.

10:54 PM

I saw it five years ago so I went back to watch it, and it wasn’t quite what I remembered. But here is the short I was thinking of.

8:21 PM

This is one of the most New Yorkiest New York thing I’ve ever heard. “I went to see a show on Broadway and I don’t understand why the rest of world isn’t taking about it!”

12:36 PM

If he was a full-bore madman, I’d roll with it, but he’s a madman (er, madtitan) who loves his adopted daughter, I guess? For some reason? After slaughtering her entire family and half her planet for vague nonsense reasons that don’t entirely make sense?

3:59 PM

I’m kind of uncomfortable with how much I might have maybe found myself going “Uh... Is Thanos wrong?” just in the cut-and-dry, purely practical sense of survival on this scary, dying planet. Also I kinda want to be one of the ashy-people, but yeah, my lady and I found ourselves half-siding with Thanos, and i think

2:55 PM

Yeah, I thought the problem was that the advertisement didn’t actually advertise for the product. It got mention in the article because a lot of women employed at Nike felt that a more productive ad campaign could have been developed if more women had input on the project.