Oct 1 2018

The motorway speed limit is practically 80mph anyway. Certainly you can go past the motorway coppers doing 85 without them batting an eyelid. Read more

Aug 27 2018

2004 touch turbo convertible***1. Senior owned, naturally maintained and/or original. Runs like this sofa bed in California. Minor cracks only around every single system. This model blows ice like my wife’s best floor mounted twin. Power driver with auxiliary comfort clusters. Folds into a little tear. Fun for Read more

Aug 12 2017

Go fuck yourself with having to jump in with your ‘it’s all the same on both sides’ bullshit. One group has a history of slavery, endemic and systemic racism, and a system designed to work against them. The other is mad they can’t be racist anymore. In case you missed it, go fuck yourself.

Jul 20 2017

it’s generally a bad thing to commit violence when you don’t get what you want.

Jul 20 2017

Youre blocking my driveway, so let me destroy the tires, so you cant move from blocking my drive way. Makes sense...