Lenny Valentin
9:46 AM

Just don't contract with shitty, cut rate knock off mobile devs, should be ok.

4:01 AM

Honestly, I’m just waiting for them to mention that she smoked a joint 2 weeks ago or got in a fight in high school to start the “well, she was no angel” portion of the narrative.” (Kinja won’t let me quote this.) Read more

2:21 AM

you mean the part where they were concerned about the welfare of a fellow human being or the part where they were also concerned about their own welfare and didn’t want to go into a possibly dangerous situation(a robbery for instance or domestic violence scenario) they weren’t equipped to handle? Or how about the part Read more

10:18 PM

It probably isn’t, and he probably didn’t see anything more than a figure moving. But that’s irrelevant. All of this is mentioned to start building his defense of fearing for his life. Since he hadn’t identified himself as police, even if she did shoot him she should’ve been clear under all of the Castle Read more

9:40 PM

BTW, am I wrong, or is it nowhere in the report that Dean actually saw Jefferson point a gun? There really isn’t anyway given how quickly he shot, the curtain on the window, etc...that he could have even seen a gun before he shot through the window. So why are we hearing this bullshit story, now? Read more

9:35 PM

Screw that. I’ve had to do a welfare check on my neighbor whose garage was open for 3 days. Police came, knocked on the front door first, walked around the house, THEN went into the house through the garage. Man apparently had a heart attack. They never drew their guns but they identified themselves when they walked Read more

7:40 PM

Lowest bidder or “those guys that did a pretty good job or ripping off our aesthetic, so surely they can do legitimate work with our IP”.

6:59 PM

Oh boy, see what happens when you go with the Lowest Bidder. 

6:20 PM

“creators of the Stellaris IP—are publishing Stellaris: Galaxy Command, they’re not developing it inhouse. Instead, that job went to Hong Kong studio Gamebear, whose previous title Nova Empire...looks a lot like Stellaris: Galaxy Command,” Read more

3:24 PM

My cousin works security at Disneyland and they are trained to look for people leaving with barefoot kids. The reason is, if a kidnapper takes a child, they can alter the child’s appearance by turning the shirt inside out or backwards, putting on/taking off a jacket, but shoes are pretty distinct so they usually just Read more

1:43 PM

People can enjoy things all they want, right up until it’s actively harmful to everyone around them. Driving giant gas guzzling SUVs because it makes you feel like a bigger person is actively harmful.

1:40 PM

Tax more vehicles that pollute more. Definitely an unpopular move but it works. (most) People do not care about the environment. They will start to care when it affects their wallet.