lemon lyman
Jun 30 2014

I'm more concerned about them learning how many Snickers bars and frozen pizzas I buy.

Jun 29 2014

I know, she would kill him right away. Or leave him in a ditch, lol.

Jun 29 2014

Sounds like she adopted it, so it likely already had that name.

Jun 25 2014

also: there's been Capitol propaganda popping up all over my city (Seattle). Somebody has been "graffiting" the Panem logo on walls and I saw a car with the Panem logo driving around earlier. So cool.

Jun 6 2014

Not to freak you out, but my dad got robbed with a broken beer bottle in front of Ballard High when he was like 16. So it can happen anywhere.

Jun 4 2014

That makes me happy. The guys of Blue Scholars were huge influences to me in my fundamental years.

Jun 2 2014

Mark, I just wanted to say you're awesome and I'm sorry everybody is being such nit-picky buttholes about typos when the content of this article is so awful.