9:59 AM

Oh yeah, this isn’t about the age difference. It’s about thinking “meeting” your wife while she was still in a uterus is in any way “funny.”

9:56 AM

Okay, first, as long as both parties are over the age of 25 or so I don’t usually judge on age differences, but telling that story is definitely a “no, no.” Full stop. I mean, if you wanna be that guy who is with someone young enough to be your granddaughter then you do you, but don’t emphasize it. Nobody wants to Read more

8:59 AM

Yeah. Personally, I think even some of the details in the story itself stretched credulity. But the additional ones were really over-the-top.

3:39 AM

Same. The story was good enough on it’s own, the additional details made it wahhh wahhh.
EDT: The original story was really, really good. Perhaps my favorite so far. The additional details fizzled it a lot.

2:55 AM

I have done this several times. We just bought a 1920s house that had been owed and meticulously cared for by a family for 55 years, kids raised, parents retired and owned it until they passed last winter. The mom was beloved and had the most beautiful flower garden. We still have old ladies walking into the yard or Read more

7:32 PM

I can’t tell you. I just remember feeling both hemispheres of my brain going at it: “This is a great place, you won’t find better, go for it” vs. “I don’t know about you, but I gotta get out of here!” I can remember the front hall layout very clearly; it was a very open-concept sort of place. Maybe the lack of doors Read more

9:30 AM

Too much. You don’t need that extra detail; it’s cheesy and unbelievable. The story is good on its own already.

1:35 PM

Oh please, of course it’s not true! Unless a picture of this newspaper clipping is produced, I’m going to credit the author for writing a pretty good scary story.

12:55 PM

About 25 years ago I was looking for a new apartment. I went to see one in a lovely east-end neighbourhood, tree-lined street, close to transit. It was even reasonably priced. It was a second-floor apartment in a house with lots of windows. Lovely. Only I didn’t like the feel of it. It was spacious and I probably Read more

11:37 AM

Oh yeah. My three-year-old son, just the other night, said to me, “Mommy, I don’t want you to die. I will miss you so much.” I was like, um, me neither honey, hahaha, and tried to downplay it.

9:08 AM

Aw, don’t be. I live in an old Victorian that had been split into two apartments, and my husband and I are restoring it to one home again. One day, I was in a bedroom stripping paint from the lovely woodwork and felt like someone was watching me. Read more

9:29 PM

I don’t know, but I like your story and I salute you for PLAYING IT COOL whilst slowly extricating yourself. Every damn time something like this happens in the movies,the ‘victim’ freaks out! Aaaargh! That doesn’t help anything! Play along and GTFO! Good for you. Sorry you experienced this.

9:19 PM

Uhhhhh there’s nothing okay about telling someone about your violent fetish after you’ve isolated them in your home. If he was really in touch with his kink in a healthy way, he would have known that.

4:54 PM

I’m the only person in the office suite working today so I locked the door to our waiting room and someone was just violently turning and pulling on the door knob. I almost pissed my pants until I heard the law office next to us open their door and greet someone. Sometimes their dickhead clients like to sit in our Read more

11:09 AM

Oh I like that. Or if Jo Jo had a cat, she could have been like “get my cat out of a tree, like firemen do.” And watching a bunch of full grown men trying to coax an angry cat from a tree would be some good fucking TV.

10:59 AM

“You’re just funny, there’s so many different sides of you,” Jojo responded, calling him “mysterious.” She doubled down Tuesday, writing in her blog about the episode that “Chad is a complex guy with complex emotions.” Read more