leia shot first

You’re my favorite person on here right now.  Read more

If you were talking about a singular, non-proper name orange, then yes, it would be “la naranja”. But since they are referring to a specific person who identifies as male and happens to be orange, you would say “El Naranja”. Read more

I feel this so much, and because I do lemme just say: he’s not your friend. You might be his, but he doesn’t respect you or your bodily autonomy to be yours. I’m so, so sorry that’s happened to you. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the air you do.  Read more

I’m so happy to hear I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Read more

This was me. Wow. Wish we all could’ve gone to high school together. Read more

YAY!!!! Yeah, I’m officially on board with all of it. The second time was when I got all the feels, too. Read more

Bring prices down, have reserved seating, stick to your guns with no phones/no talking rules, and offer beer. I see movies that need to be seen with massive sound on a big screen, but I can’t justify $20 a ticket for IMAX/3D. Read more

I’m just legitimately scared all the time, these days. Read more

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I know man! Kinda how none of us knew who the Emperor was from the original trilogy! Oh, wait.... Read more

While watching The Last Jedi over the weekend, one thought kept going through my mind during the ***MINOR SPOILER*** casino destruction was: YAASSSSS EAT THE RICH!!!! Read more

You’re going to love it even more the second time around! Read more

I don’t *really* need to know, but I’d like a comic series about it :) Read more

Yoda makes it seems like the books are kind of worthless. Read more

For anyone interested in how this could get so bad, and how it could go so far, I highly recommend the fascinating and disturbing documentary by HBO called “Mommy Dead and Dearest”. Read more

They united for their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction and I nearly died. Heart fucking ROCKS. Read more

Wait, what? That’s not right. From A Wiki of Ice and Fire: Read more

YAS. Two of my favorite awful movies. Read more