Feb 21 2020

Is it just me or did this thing eat through rear tires like crazy? Unless they were constantly rotating  tires from front to back it was like every 30k miles while fronts were no where near as frequent.

Feb 7 2020

It’s pretty safe to assume that Kristen doesn’t have kids by reading this. But I feel it should be mentioned, as someone who had kids fairly recently and fairly late in life that it seems to me only someone without kids could feel this way. And maybe some self centered pricks with kids. But lets hope those are deep Read more

Jan 29 2020

These are incredible numbers from a stock turbo. My guess is, with an aftermarket tune, and a larger turbocharger, this car might do two seconds, flat. I’m not sure how much these turbos are tuned for low-end, off the line torque, but my gut tells me with a quarter mile time like that, they have to come on boost Read more

Oct 16 2018

One word that comes to mind when thinking of Aston is outdated. The cars are beautiful, but dont really compete. Aston can’t even touch Ferrari right now. They need to build/restore their image from being outdated, unreliable British cars by winning comparos and races. I dont recall an Aston ever winning a comparo Read more

Jun 9 2018

GMs G platform. They are all red neck cars but I just love the boxy, rectangular goodness. Everyone likes the grand national, I love them all.

Apr 19 2018

I’d still have the EM1. Cable throttle, hydraulic steering, and extra lightness are all important. But most importantly, you can actually stand to look at it.

Mar 13 2018

At first I thought it was just a bad body kit or kit car. But it actually looks pretty cool.

Dec 9 2017

Tesla and an R? Great comparison! Maybe he can compare a fishing boat to a derby hat in the next review.

Jul 18 2017

Sure it isn’t a Subaru Crosstrek? Same offroad capability and 0-60 time.

Jun 21 2017

Reports indicate that the wheels on the bus were going round and round at the time of the incident.

May 25 2017

If you look closely, you’ll see that Diesel cheat devices have been employed in all industries.

May 7 2017

Of course not. Just imagine if you went to a 1000-car Mustang meet up!