Apr 25

I believe he said in an interview in the last year or two that a lot of the heavy lifting he did on the script was for the first hour or so, because that part was in dire shape. Read more

Feb 11

News cycles make more sense once you realize they’re determined by what conservatives are fake mad about. Read more

Feb 4

Freed might be the best writer doing Star Wars stuff right now give or take a Claudia Gray... very much looking forward to this.

Jan 23

I’m more positive than most about the new stuff... but what the hell is going on at Lucasfilm?

Jan 14

Have to agree — it was fun talking about these movies for a couple of years after the new ones started, but people have lost their minds. Read more

Dec 21

+1 — it’s fairly obvious that this one was supposed to be about Leia turning her son, and it’s weird to see so much speculation about how much this director hated that director, rather than the actual factor that might have been a large reason this movie is all over the place!

Dec 20

It seemed common to talk about how TLJ felt like an ending two years ago, and I do think a lot of its power came from moving like a finale. Read more

Dec 20

Agree with all of this, except for the fact that the kiss was good. Search your feelings...

Dec 19

Gonna just +1 this whole comment. The plot is a mess but the script does well by Rey and Kylo, who are what made me invested in the franchise again after the bleakness of the prequel era. Read more

Dec 18

This review seems totally fair and I’m sure I’ll agree with it but it falls into the weird trap I’m seeing of assigning EVERY choice to be a reaction to Johnson’s entry. Read more

Dec 11

Similar thoughts here... I mostly like the movie and only have some tonal issues in that it’s kind of miserable and the memorable moments mostly involve people dying. Read more

Dec 11

Generally liked the movie, but it’s telling that the same people praising it as a bold, new take on the franchise are disappointed when anyone offers a whiff of criticism and dismiss most of it as bad-faith trolling. Read more

Dec 10

It would have been satisfying and justified, but having lived through that cursed election, there’s no question the narrative would immediately have become “angry Hillary, recovering from pneumonia, loses cool in debate!” Read more

Nov 11

Watching the character filling the Luke Skywalker role in J.J. Abrams’ affectionate retracing of A New Hope catch Luke’s lightsaber as it flew past the guy with Skywalker blood and into her hand—her hand—was something else.”
Read more

Nov 11

A criminal oversight. That show was ahead of its time.

Nov 4

It seems like I might be the odd one out, but David winning just seems like... such an odd result for this season. I get why Steph couldn’t take the crown after this episode (agreed that the edit was hard to watch and I adore her as an everywoman) but he and Alice were pretty close this episode, and she was so much Read more