The Doctor Is In
Jul 11

I'd be dusting every single moment of my life. Too many nooks, so little air. 

Jul 7

Of course you don’t remember it, Amy, because, as the Sony leak proved, you say about a million dumbshit things a day. That’s way too many to keep track of or even be aware of the individual dumbshit content levels. Read more

Jun 13

How hard can it be to just chase someone on foot when they’re so drunk they pass out in a drive thru? I can’t blame the Wendy’s crew for calling the cops though, what else are they supposed to do? Endanger themselves for minimum wage? And EMTs, tow truck drivers, etc would just call the police themselves. No the blame Read more

Jun 2

ICE is only interested in dark skinned immigrants.

May 15

good to know that writers arent supposed to poke fun or be snarky about nerds because these movies are super serious business. goddamn fandom is shitty. the tone of the article was sarcastic. anyone seeing this as nerd bashing takes their hobbies a bit too seriously.

Apr 3

Those kids are born every generation, now they just have instant access to vulnerable people.

Mar 31

Just get Papa Murphy’s and bake it yourself.  Their pizza is better than the big chain pizza anyways.  My favorite is the chicken bacon artichoke.

Mar 27

I think this video was more about letting people feel like they're in control of an uncontrollable situation. More of a psychological boost than actual risk mitigation. 

Mar 21

If they confront their racism, then they have to confront the decades of indoctrination that have told them that everything is separate and unequal because of us instead of it being because of racist White motherfuckers like them. Read more

Mar 18

She’s just trying to communicate to people she doesn’t really understand with language she thinks they will understand. I appreciate the effort, at least.

Mar 18

I want to warp to November so I can vote this incompetent asshole out of office.

Mar 17

American individualism is bs. We won our independence only with a ton of support from the French. Without their naval support and financial backing it would have been a massive loss. A lot of financing for the us railroad systems came from banks and individuals in England. Its just nonsense pushed by Conservatives to Read more

Mar 17

Except when we are supposed to bow down to tHe pReSiDent, respect the flag, and worship god. Individualism for these people ends at their ideas of individualism and turns to beating gays up for being different.

Mar 10

It does when an adult man in a rubber suit is stripping down an unconscious 13 year old.

Oct 21 2015

Actually, Chuck Berry received inspiration from a white kid who received inspiration from Chuck Berry...who received inspiration from a white kid...who received inspiration from Chuck Berry...