The Doctor Is In
10:15 AM

Your math is based on this being an actual, baby Yoda but that’s just the name everyone has given this adorable ball of Force & fur. It’s another of the same species as Yoda, and as that species has never been named, everyone uses “Baby Yoda” as shorthand because that flows so much better than “baby of the same Read more

12:47 AM

Robert Redford is president. And much like Richard Nixon in the original, the law has been changed to allow for multiple, consecutive terms. Redford has been president for 28 years in the show. 

1:49 AM

This argument completely ignores the ridiculously demanding dining culture we have fostered in this country. I’m so tired of the, “pay a living wage like they do in Europe” argument. Have you eaten out in Europe? I’ve been to dozens of countries and aside from the handful of mom and pop places that slather you with Read more

11:36 AM

Shhhh... Nobody tell this dude about how Black Panther 2 and Spider-Man 2 are already scheduled...

10:24 PM

While that may be true in the tiniest microsecond of the here-and-now, portions of the general public have been clamoring for a female Doctor for just about as long as the show has had the concept of regeneration. Also, Moffat gets a lot of slack (rightfully so) for being dismissive of a female Doctor but he also Read more

12:11 PM

You are attributing way too much personal value to an opinion. Me thinking both of those points are ridiculous does not mean I think you are ridiculous. I still think the thought that a capital ship would be built, for trillions of credits, simply to be destroyed, as an everyday military tactic is an idiotic and Read more

3:47 AM

I promise you that is not even close to what the title of this article means.

12:22 PM

Those are both terrible examples. Why would they purposely destroy a capital ship and commit suicide at the same time? That was a large ship she hyperdrove (my new verb) into the enemy vessel. It probably wouldn’t be as effective to fly an X-Wing into it. They aren’t going to build giant flagship size ships just to Read more

4:17 PM

“Disney movie” isn’t really a thing. They have owned and distributed plenty of dark and damaged flicks. When the owned Miramax they put out Pulp Fiction, both Kill Bills, Clerks, and tons of others like them. Dimension films puts out plenty of horror, and they have never been shy about making money any way they can. Read more

2:09 PM

THANK YOU for posting the rest of the point! I kept seeing the first clip everywhere and couldn’t shake the thought that superhuman play would matter exponentially more if they won the point. Also a little let down when an amazing play doesn’t. Happy to see they won that point.

8:19 PM

The cool thing about fiction that other people write: you don’t get a say in anything. She’s the Thirteenth Doctor, whether you like it or not (to paraphrase the Sixth Doctor.) Read more