Sep 28 2015

Good thing they added the frown face after mentioning it was founded by Nazis. This gives me a headache. I’m going to go take a Bayer aspirin.

Aug 3 2015

You know what? I think they were trying to do this. I don’t have sound on at work and I can’t hear what the announcer is saying, but with the really weird jig in the bed and the extremely high mounting of the cable I think they were trying to break it in half. Plus this doesn’t look like an average amateur truck pull Read more

Aug 3 2015

Goddammit, now I have to fortify my uranium refining centrifuge plant. Mondays are the fucking worst.

Jul 31 2015

I do believe this CTS-V holds the new identity and next steps in the brands growth. This is the only time that a supercharged V8, carbon-fiber fitted, vent covered, excutive track sedan has looked restrained, elegant, and somehow effortless. Cadillac needs to realize that being competitive with the Germans isn’t Read more

Jul 30 2015

My 2010 Ford Flex SEL EcoBoost (aka The Flying Brick) agrees with this post. I’m still not sure how the Explorer outsells the Flex around 10:1. I know Ford does ZERO marketing for the Flex and the Explorer name has far more history ... but geesh. And yeah, the Flex’s styling is polarizing. I happen to like it but get

Jul 30 2015

He has also changed his name to “Key Fob” and issued a proclamation which states that all vehicles manufactured after 2015 Anno Domini must announce his departure.