11/02/20 7:09PM

Stoned or not, in-character all the time or not, Wesley Snipes was the least of Blade III’s problems. Read more

10/23/20 3:30PM

oh puh-leeze that’s exactly what a mindhunter would want us to think

9/04/20 7:36PM

I don’t know if this helps, but two out of three of you have aged well.

9/04/20 11:45AM

To be fair, they did hire women, but Emile Hirsch kept strangling them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8/25/20 1:58PM

I feel my joking off the late-90s steroid era in baseball may have been too oblique here.

8/25/20 1:07PM

As an ethical stance about not letting writers harm themselves to produce reviews, it would carry more weight if it had been consistently applied over the years. Everyone has been happy to look the other way while critics were using PEDs to slam out reviews as we cheered them on. You think Ignatiy knocks out Read more

7/17/20 6:38PM

Yours is the only one so far where I gasped in pain out loud.

6/17/20 2:25PM

Shocked to see Chris D’Elia has been accused of being a comedian.

5/22/20 2:53PM

On reflection, the closest I can come to a critique of the film, which isn’t really a criticism, is that Buffalo Bill is less a character than a grab-bag of traits designed from the outside-in to fit the evidence that leads to his discovery and downfall. A lot of this reflects the nature of the script: Buffalo Bill is Read more

5/19/20 9:15PM

If she doesn’t get an Oscar, it’ll be a Miscavige of justice!

5/12/20 11:57AM

Love isn’t a dimension, its an element. Its number 124 on the periodic table. Right after unoptainium and right before funk

5/01/20 11:11AM

There is a lot of time spent on plot holes, inconsistencies and wrinkles in Back to the Future, but I think the movie did a great job in writing just enough rules to constrain the plot without getting bogged down in details. Read more