8/26/20 5:23PM

he seems to enjoy playing weirdos, like in “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore”

7/20/20 5:45PM

I hit my wrists on the bars of the jungle gym on the way down - sort of like a group of pillars connected together with space in the center - and basically landed on my face and chest. I think it was right before school let out for the year, so I couldn’t go swimming for like half the summer with plaster casts.

7/17/20 6:22PM

during recess in 4th grade in the mid-80s, I took a jump rope and tied it to the top of a jungle gym with the intention of swinging on it. being 9 and not knowing how to tie a knot, it didn’t hold and I fell, breaking both wrists, 3 ribs and my nose all at the same time and since this was well before cell phones, no Read more

5/29/20 6:13PM

same, i liked his movies but he seems like he’d be a pretentious prick in real life.

5/27/20 1:43PM

from what I heard the sticking point was the budget and being able to afford Craig, who justifiably wanted to get paid more after Skyfall was a huge hit. more or less everyone involved was willing, including Fincher, but the first one was only marginally profitable to begin with and cost a ton.

4/09/20 8:09PM

Denise Richards isn’t in this one, that was The World is Not Enough.

2/06/20 5:30PM

I tell everyone that I’m trying to convince to watch Fringe is that the early ones are not terrible, but not great and if you can get to when Jared Harris shows up, that’s when it really takes off.

2/05/20 8:19PM

if copying Inception counts as “one of the most visually distinctive,” then I guess the first Doctor Strange was that.  sure, why not.

2/03/20 3:17PM

I’ve always really loved how when Ford asked what he’s supposed to tell the Colombian government when they ask for the money back, Moffett says “tell them whatever you want...or don’t tell them, I don’t care.”

1/30/20 1:12PM

If he did his version of a memoir like Steve Martin did, actually digging into how he got started, his motivations and influences, etc, I’d be interested in that.  not a cash grab of recycled material.

1/30/20 12:56PM

well that’s the thing, he’s not putting any more work into it.  he’s just taking stuff he already has and reformatting it.

1/30/20 12:47PM

it amazes me that someone who already has more money than he can spend in multiple lifetimes still recycles his old material to squeeze more money out of it, like that HBO special and album “I’m Telling You For the Last Time.”