Sentient Portrait of Leonid Brezhnev
May 29 2019

Every new car is a luxury car because people can’t afford new cars anymore!

Mar 13 2019

The only non-US brands that had unionized plants in the US were VW Westmoreland (closed), Toyota (NUMMI partnership with GM, since ended, now nonunion TESLA, somewhat ironically), Mitsubishi (originally Diamond Star partnership with Chrysler, later 100% Mitsu, now closed), and Mazda (AutoAlliance with Ford, still open Read more

Mar 12 2019

Here’s a real LAPD Tahoe of the same generation. The decals on the above one are a fairly close facsimile, if not an exact copy. This one doesn’t have a push bar on the front, but some did.

Feb 21 2018

My car secret? Well, he made me promise not to tell anyone, but Bill down at the Ford dealer has been giving me MSRP, no markup, on new trucks for the past 30 years. You can’t buy loyalty like that.

Feb 13 2018

I didn’t read the article: the poster

Jan 25 2018

The CD you had to burn for your divorced uncle because he ‘wasn’t so good with the computers.’

Jan 25 2018

Interesting topic. There are actually some deep parallels in both phenomenology and (though in that respect there are also certainly some differences) content. Both started out as the music of an isolated and scorned underclass, then became commercially exploited. Both have been known to celebrate physical prowess, Read more

Jan 24 2018

Yes, I’m sure a YouTube video with an unrelated “angry feminist” meme in the thumbnail will have a very reasoned approach to racism.

Jan 15 2018

You would’ve been right to have them earn it themselves. This kid demanded which alot of kids do now and their parents just give them whatever they want. The dad spent an afternoon ignoring his kid and not even bonding over the experience. The kid spent the money with no appreciation or care and changed suits within Read more

Dec 6 2017

I think your criticism is unfair at best. I work with homeless as legal representative, I’ve counseled homeless, even put up homeless people in my home. The saddest fact is this: Getting them to accept help is by far and away the hardest thing to do. We have programs, money, support groups (that cater to every belief Read more

Oct 18 2017

Okay, but if it was a body double, Trump definitely would say something like, “my wife Melania, she’s right here. This is definitely not a body double.”

Oct 13 2017

After I graduated college I moved back to my hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas for a few years, working in City Hall and helping coordinate their Sister City program in Japan. Read more

Sep 10 2017

Why automakers feel like they have to adhere to the same grill-work across their brand is beyond me. All it does is compromise. Read more