Sentient Portrait of Leonid Brezhnev
May 1 2019

Nah. Did modern engines do away with having gaskets? Hoses? Oil? A few days ago I had a check oil light on in my car. I could open the engine and poke around with a flashlight and see ah it looks like the valve cover is seeping a bit. Would I be able to see that there? I’d have to wait till the dealer had an Read more

Apr 25 2019

why wouldn’t bmw do like Volvo and make the wagon special order only? Don’t they want a halo wagon to stay with the other premium brands? I’m not a fancy marketologist...

Mar 26 2019

great article. i’m studying psychoanalysis and one of the ideas are that dreams reflect our personal associations that are then used to represent some sort of wish or struggle, you did a great job writing about that, i can’t imagine how much more there is to unpack!

Mar 13 2019

that’s a good point. tesla just stands out in seeming like a particularly miserable place to work, both on the assembly line and in the engineering department. 

Mar 13 2019

let’s be clear. these companies are not paragons of virtue; they will exploit the local rules to maximize profit. i’m just saying, in europe working conditions for auto workers are better as a general rule, and i think that reflects on both the car itself and just the feeling you can have that you’re driving something Read more