9:43 PM

My aunt and uncle met when she was 16 and he was 22, she was volunteering at the hospital and he brought in his friend who needed situations. They didn't realize until their 3rd date or so the age difference, they each thought the other was 19-20. Uncle was in mechanic school and living with my grandparents and Read more

8:05 PM

When I was 17 I dated a guy who was 23. When things got serious, he put a stop to the relationship until I turned 18 in order to protect himself from a statutory rape claim. We then resumed dating when I was of age, and were together for about a year until I ended it because I had outgrown him. At the time I thought Read more

3:47 PM

Well, I guess I don't really agree. But I can understand your opinion. My thought is, if we're going to yell at Lena Dunham for having such a white cast for an NYC-based show, and then someone makes a genuine attempt to develop a show with a diverse cast and still gets yelled at for it...well, it's a tough spot. I Read more

2:36 PM

Ugh. As a 17 year old that dated someone older than he is now, this is really messed up. While I learned a good lesson and all, the lesson was: grown-ass men who want to date a teenager are creepy and cannot be emotionally mature human beings. It feels flattering at the time because you're so special that they would Read more

2:00 PM

In my circle I have attributed this sudden SJWing to their need to hate anything of sufficient popularity, but being unable to say "I hate Chris Brown because everyone likes his music", they end up looking for a reason to hate him. Read more

1:51 PM

Also how they had no idea how to paint babies, and they all look like creepy tiny bald men.

1:41 PM

The ever brilliant Mallory Ortberg of The Toast is happy to oblige, Unhappy Mothers in Western Art History (though everything Mallory does captioning art is worth it). I'd share pictures, but when I kinja at work, it doesn't let me post pictures.

7:47 PM

car54 has given excellent advice - I had that compression things after my knee surgery and yes, that was exactly the same sensation, that it was going to squeeze my leg until it popped right off. Read more