6:00 PM

Wes, I can confirm you got all the steps right. You may want to add that the reason the cops prefer you to lay down. It clears lanes of fire, declutters their tactical picture, and minimizes the chance for ricochets to hit you.

5:53 PM

Everyone is being coerced. The entire system is set up to prey on weak people. How can the same people that decry payday loans in poor neighborhoods preying on downtrodden, ill-informed, poor minorities, not see the manipulation at a far more *chemical* level with regards to these cam sites?

And, I’ve been there. It’s Read more

5:39 PM

This is appalling. Fires can happen by accident. Tornadoes are outside of our control. We are not at war with any government that can effectively strike us on our soil. But here we are essentially accepting the likelihood of mass shootings by preparing for them. Read more

2:56 PM

No offense, but the only people in this story with a lick of sense are the ones who managed to figure out a way to capitalize on the short, addictive rush of dopamine a that accompany opening a collectible without having to physically produce anything. Read more