Oct 10 2017

Because they aren’t glorious. How is that even a question? They’re an abomination. Put sugar on Cream of Wheat and stop wasting food. Jesus did not die on the cross for y’all to be out here putting sugar on grits.

Oct 10 2017

You see on the one hand, the new version of the policy seems like a hugely cynical attempt to stifle legitimate, peaceful protest and retain the status quo for disgusting rich white men, but on the other hand, the old version of the policy spelled “ensure” wrong. Feels like there’s blame on both sides here.

Oct 9 2017

Whoa whoa. You’re telling me that white people in charge of young black men and also profit massively from these black men’s talents would change the rules and not say anything? And then use the revised rule as a way of punishing said black men for going against the wishes of their white employers? In America?

Sep 23 2017

Trump has done many shitty things, but getting me to agree with Roger Goodell on something is far and away the very worst thing Trump has ever done.

Sep 8 2017

He’s not an employee. He’s the elected officer of a county political party (which is not a public office). His removal is governed by the bylaws of the Broward County GOP, not Florida employment law. Read more

Aug 13 2017

The more I read about this and lawyers’ opinions about the content in regards to the pending legal action, I have to wonder how much of this he planned from the start. Considering that his entire document reads as a 10 page version of “I’m not a <blank>, but....” over and over again, I’m suspicious. Read more

Aug 9 2017

I apologize for venting like a masagonistic faggot.

Jun 26 2017

Not to be cliché, but are we the same person?? I don’t think liberals are going to win any more elections with this “holier than thou” stance and I’m black and very liberal. Nitpicking every single fucking comment from every corner does not engender solidarity. Many conservatives don’t like Trump but you better Read more

Jun 26 2017

Real talk. I didn’t take offense to the Maher comment and I’m black. It was in poor taste. But I didn’t think he needed to lose his show to be taught a lesson. That’s like slapping a kid across the face for using a bad word. Also, I appreciated him bringing on Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Ice Cub to really dig into his Read more

May 23 2017

The only thing I’ve seen Moss in is The Handmaid’s Tale, and more obliquely, divorcing Fred Armisen. While I appreciate both of those worthy projects, her performance in the former is spotty for me and her being a Scientologist irl is both very ironic and also disturbing because, hey, violent cults and whatnot. Read more

May 15 2017

(Spoiler alert) Yes exactly. I found the romantic plot between Dev and Francesca the weakest link of the show, which was a bummer, given how pivotal it became. She just never felt real - like a male fantasy, a compendium of Italian film characters of the 1970s with impossible beauty, expensive fashion and no real life Read more

May 15 2017

I agree with this. I like Dev as a character but his pursuit of Francesca is a fantasy where he just gets what he wants with no consideration of where the relationship will go or what expectations she has of him. She’s giving up a fucking lot — her whole life! — to fulfill his fantasy of the perfect woman and he’s Read more