Rando Calrissian
8:07 AM

He’s not wrong either. You can’t be keeping men trapped in giant phalluses. I tried it once, never again.

4:44 PM

W1A is solid gold. It makes me feel like I’m the least awkward person alive as well which is a nice added bonus.

12:33 PM

Ouch, you know, that’s tough bc I’m no expert. Nothing wrong with apple trees which are meant to be cut and shaped back pretty hard. Or cherries. And those come with the bonus of fruit too. There are plenty of Hawthorns, Maples and so on that will stay small over time as well. Read more

1:00 AM

I dunno. Maybe every woman is being forced to go through some kind of deep-seated fear. Being like cheating dad, being poor and humiliated again, not actually being the open wildflower she always thought she was, it being impossible to leave abuser, being unable to connect with a lovely, kind guy because of past Read more

6:05 AM

Yeah, if the volume were lowered during their conversations they would be just outside the “healthy communication” range. They’re mean to one another when angry but they each have a thick enough skin to handle it although it would obviously be better if they weren’t mean to one another when angry. What I’m trying to Read more

5:47 AM

Tchyeaaaaahhh. I would barely be able to restrain myself if my best friend lost my hard-earned millions bc “I wanted a gulfstream”. I would flip the car over not just kick him out of it. Read more

5:36 AM

I think 8.25% is relatively high but, say, below 5% would be on the lower end of the scale. I mean, I don’t read a lot of people saying they’re paying 3% interest and my partner is paying around 5-6% I think. This is all anecdotal but I hope it helps you. You should definitely refinance if it’s at all within your Read more

1:27 AM

Thank you for writing this out. This is a valuable contribution because many people don’t understand this dynamic. I’d just add that some of us feel the same way about research. Seeing one of these components called addictive really clarified for me why I can’t manage my emails or cook a meal when I’m in a research Read more

1:12 PM

Out Of Sight. The editor on this movie was Anne V. Coates, who’s a legend. This is how you do sex right; the intensity of the scene is inversely proportional to what’s shown.

8:44 AM

Yeah. Kim Kardashion looks like she’s dripping in jizz which.... maybe the farthest from camp?

3:04 AM

Stay out of New Asgard, Deadbeat. Keep your ugly fucking goldbricking ass out of my beach community.