6/07/21 1:23PM

Can we not just let this be a good story? Getting judgemental about the choice of charity receiving the customers’ goodwill seems petty.

4/30/21 12:10PM

Yeah, sorry, I don’t give a shit about your feelings in the face of a public health crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen in our lifetime. Priorities. Read more

4/30/21 11:31AM

Maybe on progressive sites on the internet but don’t act like that’s the norm. Read more

4/02/21 10:44AM

Maybe she won’t get Covid because no one wants to get within 10 feet of her anyway? Read more

3/09/21 5:23PM

If you get some really, really clear crystal quartz and look through it - you’ll be able to see bullshit. I’m just not sure which crystal lets you recognize it.

3/09/21 3:40PM

A friend of mine worked at our main local crystal purveyor. He was asked to spruce up the crystal display, and in the process he threw out the descriptions and made up (even more) ludicrous new ones out of thin air.

In five years, not a single patron complained or even noticed.

3/09/21 2:09PM

Rocks and minerals and crystals are excellent ways to appreciate the glory of nature and the earth and geological processes and all that. But they do not have magical properties.

3/05/21 3:36PM

“The only good takeaway” is objectively false here. Without this absolute flailing trash inferno of a movie, we wouldn’t have Lindy West’s* poetically savage and savagely poetic takedown of it, and frankly, our lives would be all the poorer. Do I revisit this review every so often just to bask in the reflected glow of Read more

2/25/21 8:00PM

This. That a significant proportion of the population are simply too stupid to understand what BMI is and isn’t, shouldn’t be seen as a reflection on BMI, it should be seen as a reflection on *them*. It’s like the Bechedel test: that you can point to good/awful films that fail/pass the test doesn’t negate the Read more

2/25/21 5:56PM

I shared on another article, but I got my first shot two weeks ago when the clinic that my wife works at was giving vaccines.
It was 4:30 on a Friday and they had some doses that they needed to use by the end of the day or they had to get rid of them. I happened to be in my office that day, which is only a few minutes Read more

2/25/21 3:56PM

When it’s your turn, unapologetically get that shot. I have no patience for the stupid people who judge this. It does not matter why you’re eligible. You’re in line and we need to keep the line moving until everyone gets in.

2/24/21 11:16AM

I’ve literally never heard of this book because I was raised evangelical and my parents only cared about Christian parenting resources, but this struck me: Read more

2/18/21 3:37PM

The lies and blaming this on his daughter are particularly wild when you consider how publicly his two kids fucking hate their dad.

2/11/21 4:42PM

Shannon, I’m concerned for your marriage if you think this sounds exhausting. 

2/11/21 3:43PM

Weird choice to make fun of healthy communication. For some it’s natural, and some people need to make time and effort for it. As long as this works for both of them, great!