6/07/21 4:49PM

A lot of shelters in Texas are kill shelters. In the rescue group I follow, they’re constantly organizing rescues of animals from Texas that are days away from being killed and bringing them to the Northeast or West. So, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to save lives over donating to a political cause. Both Read more

4/04/21 5:00PM

That’s absolutely true.  Healthier people have more robust immune systems.  But this virus is devastating, and even very healthy people are susceptible to long term or permanent tissue damage.  She’s just being an idiot.  

4/04/21 4:44PM

My boyfriend’s assistant has Covid right now, and she’s one of the healthiest, fittest people I know.  She eats clean and is obsessed with SoulCycle and Orange Fitness.  She’s suffering immensely now and struggling to breathe.  It looks like she’s headed to the ER today, possibly to be intubated.  She’s like 47.  So, Read more

3/27/21 5:13PM

I’m not trying to trap anyone in a shame cycle. I merely said I was venturing to guess that alcohol was not your drug of choice. I used the word guess because I’m guessing. If you’re capable of having never any more than one drink in a day, congratulations! You are drinking in moderation. *Personally* I wouldn’t Read more

3/24/21 11:32PM

I can accept the idea that having a problem with one substance doesn’t mean you can’t use a completely different substance. But speaking as an alcoholic in long term sobriety, I’d venture to guess that alcohol was not your primary drug of choice. If you’re able to drink in true moderation (which is defined as no more Read more

3/09/21 10:40PM

I am so glad to hear that for you!  And you really hit the nail on the head about time and resources.  Like how about instead of pushy fliers, we get guaranteed, generous maternal leave?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Crickets.

3/09/21 10:36PM

They mean literally nothing.  Question answered!

3/09/21 10:36PM

I have the privilege of believing in bullshit, because if something actually bad happens, I’m going to the Mayo Clinic.” Read more

3/09/21 10:34PM

Yeah, did this need to be said? There is no magic. Sorry about Santa Claus. The end. Read more

2/25/21 10:35PM

Yes, there are data about metabolic and weight “set points” suggesting that those who were once of size cannot, for example, consume as many calories as someone who was never of size even if they weigh the same now. Being of size appears to induce long-lasting changes to metabolism and the experience of hunger. Are Read more

2/25/21 10:30PM

Decisions made for individual health - like whether to drink or smoke or eat in “excess” - are vastly different from decisions made for public health. You have a moral obligation to accept vaccination in order to protect the people around you. You have no such obligation to live a lifestyle that might prevent Read more

2/25/21 9:02PM

I just wanted to share that I’m a horrible snorer, and my boyfriend thinks I have sleep apnea. And I’m under 105 pounds. So, messed up breathing during sleep could be about your weight, or it could be about your anatomy on its own. It’s hard to know. I actually have had a lot of trouble getting approved to be Read more

2/25/21 8:57PM

BMI is an epidemiological tool. It has value as one data point in the analysis of population-wide health. It is of little value to a given individual. That doesn’t mean that it is bullshit, it just means it may not mean anything in the assessment of an individual patient. On the population level, there are high Read more

2/25/21 8:48PM

Every vaccinated person helps to stop the spread of the virus (assuming that the vaccines prevent transmission, and there are now data to support this).  If you are offered the vaccine, take it, because you don’t get the opportunity to take your offered dose and hand it to someone you know needs it more.  You have no Read more

2/20/21 11:37PM

That most men under 35 are sluts who may not mind being sexually assaulted by a woman - whether it’s via an unsolicited nude, in person flashing, or outright rape - isn’t a reason to not make those things illegal. Sending an unsolicited nude is violating and can be traumatizing. It’s a sexual act without consent, Read more

2/14/21 6:34PM

As a recovering alcoholic, I am rage-crying through that interview with Lindsay Lohan. If anyone had treated me that way before I entered rehab, I’m not sure I’d have made it. Lohan is surrounded by enablers and toxic people. Achieving longterm sobriety is a miracle for anyone, but under her current circumstances it Read more

2/14/21 6:26PM

Congratulations to them all!  They look so naturally and genuinely happy.  I just love them for it.

2/14/21 6:24PM

Seconding this. If basic, regular communication with your partner sounds alien and exhausting, you have serious problems. It may be time to consider professional counseling. Communication is absolutely essential to a relationship.

2/10/21 2:04AM

If you need permission from strangers on the internet: yes, it’s okay to hate a group of virulent racists and bigots who beat a police officer to death in an attempt to overthrow our government all because they were too stupid not to fall for conspiracy theories. These are dangerous, violent, demented, hateful Read more