Oct 2 2016
Good News!

I had the baking contest I mentioned a few times on Saturday, and I won two of the three categories that I entered.

Sep 30 2016

I would want to ask him “Why is your definition of feminism ‘thinking the way you feel she should think’?” Boychik, it’s not all about you. The sooner you learn that, the more popular you will be.

Aug 21 2016

It was an amazing night...I managed to just think of it as another night of rocking out for them - until somewhere around 80-85 minutes in, when they started playing “Bobcageyon.” That’s when it hit me in a visceral way that this was really going to be the final goodbye.
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Aug 21 2016

Oh, God. I did really well through so much of the concert as I watched and listened. And I kept my shit together. And Downie addressed our beautiful unicorn PM and I kept it together. And they left and came back and I kept it together. Read more

Jul 25 2016

I downloaded Pokémon Go on my phone and it’s actually kind of fun. But why did it have to launch during a heat wave?

Jul 22 2016

I have an idea for a GREAT new business that any of y’all could run with (I don’t have the time to start something like that right now—too much on my plate already with school & work!) Read more