Jun 16 2016

We need a group “plus size women who want to dress well”

Apr 1 2016

I’ve had several staph infections of my inner thighs that caused boils and cellulitis and left wonderful scars. I had tonsillitis for the very first time two years ago and now I get tonsil stones semi-regularly. When I was 14, I lost a tampon inside of myself and I couldn’t get it out for over a day. It was at a weird Read more

Jul 9 2015

I don’t care how much $$$$$ you have. If Scott Disick is your idol, even if you are 10, you seriously need to look back at your life and see where you fucked everything up.

Jul 9 2015

I don’t see a problem with this. I’m glad there are dads who want to be proactive and learn not only how to braid, but to do it well.