11/22/16 8:47PM

The highlight was the end when I saw that they named it Daniel in the Den. I’m still cackling five minutes later.

9/01/16 2:24PM

So much this. I binge watched season 1 and 2 in January and I loved every single second. Even the side characters are amazing. I would watch a whole show of just Sam, Shitstain, and Honey Nutz. I almost don’t want to watch the premier because I don’t know if I can handle only one episode a week versus my previous Read more

6/15/16 9:31PM

I’m way late to the thread and forever grey but I was about to link to all three of these! Are you my fashion obsessed, experienced plus size shopper twin? I consider myself to be an excellent internet shopping sleuth and now I’m feeling a little less talented. Oh well.
Read more

4/03/16 5:25PM

Hmm I don’t think mine have ever been numb, and I don’t get them daily. This is just a suggestion and I’m no dentist, but maybe try a toothpaste that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. They are both cheap foaming agents that are added to most shampoos, soaps, and toothpastes. SLS is a Read more

4/01/16 4:32PM

Have you seen the post from the girl on reddit who fried her’s like bacon? So gross

4/01/16 4:30PM

Wait, are these the little clear bubbles I get on my inner lip opposite my bottom teeth? I pop them with a needle too. I once chewed at one so much it swelled up. Then, I kept accidentally biting the swollen lump while eating. Took like a month to fully heal, ugh.

4/01/16 4:27PM

I’ve had several staph infections of my inner thighs that caused boils and cellulitis and left wonderful scars. I had tonsillitis for the very first time two years ago and now I get tonsil stones semi-regularly. When I was 14, I lost a tampon inside of myself and I couldn’t get it out for over a day. It was at a weird Read more

7/09/15 5:20PM

I mean... I’m a family and child development undergrad and that farm upstate is kind of my dream. We can make it our own little commune where everyone is an expert on research-based child rearing practices and those of us who want kids can start our own families that are 100x better than our former employers. I’d love Read more

7/03/15 11:30PM

My list is all over the place with no particular genre. I often get in the mood to listen to love songs but don’t want a whole playlist of the old classics. Read more

6/20/15 10:55PM

Thank you! That explains it well. I figured it was mainly due to the financial aspect but tort law has always confused me.

6/20/15 8:00PM

This is strange because I’m a very long time lurker commenting for the first time. I feel like many of you are my friends but you have no idea who I am haha. I know I’m in the grays and no one will see this but I recently learned about a Supreme Court case that I would love to discuss. Read more