Lack of Name
Mar 30

I feel like these kids behaving badly movies are always taken to such unrealistic extremes. I mean I am sure some do bad shit but these movies always seem to frame them as “Just normal kids but with one small slide into depravity their whole concept of civilization and morality grumble down and they become monsters”. Read more

Mar 16

Yeah that run of naval officer presidents is striking though I can’t quite figure out what it means. I think starting in WWII those with political influence looked for jobs in the navy since it was assumed to be less deadly than army infantry, anyway 

Feb 2 2020

Including news on microfilm in that Westinghouse time capsule is a hilarious example of how insanely ill-conceived and disappointing time capsules always are

Jan 29 2020

As a few other people have mentioned it here, MGM doesn’t own its Golden Age library (WarnerMedia does). And they’re not even a studio in the common acception, at least not since the release of the first Hot Tub Time Machine in 2010. Read more

Nov 3 2019

It’s depressingly difficult to battle propaganda when its purpose isn’t to get people to believe a specific thing, but to get them to disbelieve everything.

Oct 13 2019

Walt chose Orlando because at the time it was pretty much an empty, undeveloped swamp with cheap land and it was easy to develop and build. Florida was also becoming a popular vacation destination for families at the time.

Aug 24 2019

This is the weirdest combination of music choices for a film I’ve ever heard of, and I love it. And that includes the Judgment Night soundtrack, which I’ve referred to twice this week.

Aug 24 2019

Apparently Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have done two other soundtracks. The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Still an odd choice but they do have experience.

Aug 9 2019

Yeah, I feel like the space baby thing is easy to parse when you step back from the film a moment—monkeys find a monolith, it changes them, they become the descendants of humans. Humans find a monolith, it changes them, the first one to reach it becomes a huge space baby. It’s clear that the movie is about the Read more

Jul 26 2019

I don’t know, I just showed ET to my 9-year-old niece this summer, and as someone who has been raised with CGI and other huge spectacle films, she was FULLY enthralled even just watching it on my little laptop screen. And she was so impressed by the creature effects, she kept asking how they made the alien. And she Read more

Jul 25 2019

He drank and smoked weed on a radio show he was on in 8AM in the MORNING. Read more

May 6 2019

I really hate the fact that Tibet has been forgotten by the media now due to China’s massive influence. Tibet is about to have a crisis of leadership when the Dalai Lama passes and the actual Panchen Lama is trapped in Chinese custody.

May 3 2019

It’s pretty rad that The Situation is, without question, the least morally objectionable person in the group.

May 3 2019

Can we just say ‘wife’ instead of ‘current wife’? He’s a widower, not a serial monogamist.

Or are you editorializing? In which case, just stop it. It’s petty and unbecoming.

Apr 24 2019

I can forgive not bringing in Daveed Diggs and Rashida Jones, who may have been too expensive to grab for a brief guest appearance or too busy to do the episode being the in-demand actors that they are (though in hindsight it seems like a waste that they brought in Diggs for a throwaway subplot in the dog episode but Read more

Apr 10 2019

Facetaco, Tomatoface whatever he wants to call himself is just talking about himself. Also, people don’t really change.

Mar 31 2019

“Getting high on your own supply” only applies to people who distribute drugs.