Jan 19

Whole display replacement, free of charge. 90 day work warranty on the replaced display.

Jan 19

Or collect a bunch of them and use them to house an artificial intelligence to protect humanity!

Jan 19

or do like me and just keep it and continue to play games on it because there’s still a ton of PS4 games I haven’t played yet.

Jan 15

Maybe it’s because....smoking is actually a high risk factor? I’m not sure I see what the issue here is.  Are you just in favor of more people dying?

Jan 11

A lot of the ‘unlimited free speech’ arguments center on the ‘free market of ideas’ metaphor. What they refuse to recognize is that not all ideas are, or can be, marketed equally. In a nutshell, fascist ideology does not and CAN NEVER ‘market’ their ideas in good faith, because rejecting all dissenting opinions as Read more

Jan 7

The best time to make sure the barn doors are locked is after the cows are all gone. It is known.

Jan 1

I disagree, strongly. Use rechargable standard batteries. The defined problem would be solved by legislating standardized batteries must be rechargeable. That’s the shim you’re looking for, not trashing the ubiquity of the standard. Read more

Jan 1

I’ll do you one better. We need to get rid of single device remotes entirely. Replace literally all of it with Bluetooth or something similar. You get a device, sync it to your phone (or a universal remote for the less tech-savvy old people), and then you can control it with that device. Read more

Dec 30

You do realize that the sexism being pointed out in this article may certainly be a huge part of the reason this driver is NOT a popular name in the motorsports world, right? Clearly she was a big up and coming driver who was teammates with some of today’s best racers but was asked to put her body on display (which Read more