5:16 PM

Exactly. Getting “blotto drunk” is probably not the best idea for anyone, regardless of gender. And, you should think about your own health and safety, but if you’ve decided to take that risk, you do you. Except if you have the habit of verbally, physically or sexually assaulting or harassing others, or driving drunk, Read more

1:53 PM

Would it be so fucking hard for any of these other politicians to also add that Omar and Tlaib actually do not, and have explicitly stated numerous times, that they don’t hate Jewish people or Israel but simply cannot support their continued mistreatment of the Palestinian people? Like, it’s a good start to say that Read more

10:48 AM

I completely agree. Also, 98% guarantee if the slit is that high, you are going to be able to see the shape wear on the other leg, too. Doesn’t make sense.

5:33 PM

wait, I’m genuinely asking because I don’t know and I’m entering “old” status and am not “with it,” but I thought the frog and tea emoji was supposed to signify that kermit sipping tea meme? Does that have some other alt-right meaning? I wouldn’t be surprised with this guy, but I would genuinely feel sad for kermit to Read more

1:12 PM

This is funny and I did lol, but the actual scary part is that you know women who do have miscarriages, aka spontaneous abortions, would get swept up in this bullshit type of law. We’ve seen it in other countries. Watch out if you’re poor, in a bad situation/relationship, express any doubt or misgivings about the Read more

8:10 AM

You are too sweet! Hope you are doing well. ☺️

10:40 PM

Wow, that sounds scary and stressful. I relate a lot to your thinking patterns and history with c-PTSD and I know how absolutely paralyzing it can be. I don’t actually have any tips that sure-fire work for me, but you should remind and reaffirm for yourself that no one is perfect and other people don’t actually expect Read more

9:56 PM

This is giving me nightmarish flashbacks of slimy canned fruits and constructing crap like this. Also, my mother used to put salt on it (and not like a few grains of fleur de sel to bring out flavor, like straight up teaspoonsful) and it was an abomination. I will never understand some of the things she used to do Read more

9:09 AM

She’s actually Lebanese not hispanic

5:10 PM

ohhhh. okay, well I guess we will have to wait and see what details arise. Either way, I feel bad for the little girl because she seems like she doesn’t have a very good/safe environment. 

5:08 PM

That’s true, but maybe keep it to ranting and venting at home, to yourself in that case. The fact that she published the child’s mother’s name, means that a lot of people will probably identify her and possibly harass her and that is awful in itself. 

4:09 PM

Did your coworker explain how they came to believe all that stuff or why exactly? I just literally cannot fathom how one would get to a point to actually believe that stuff in earnest unless they were unfortunate enough to have been born to a family where they were brainwashed from birth or something. 

3:56 PM

That response from the mother is also really not a good look. Because, yes, I’m sure the 13 yo girl really has a long history falsely accusing men of inappropriate sexual behavior going back since she was all of 4 yo and they first “kept in touch.” Terrible. 

3:35 PM

Is that supposed to be spaghetti with sugar... how, exactly, does that work? Like, at which stage does the sugar go in and why? 

3:30 PM

Isn’t it crazy? It honestly seems like this whole “movement” has to be a parody or punk of some kind it’s so bad.

3:27 PM

They should have been taken away the minute she decided to bring the piece of shit man who molested her older daughter back around after getting out of prison. I mean, jfc. Clearly she cares much more about herself than any of her children’s wellbeing. 

12:19 PM

I mean, have you looked at their logo? I’m not Jewish, but if I saw that and didn’t know anything about it, I’d swear it was some anti-semitic bullshit esp with that lettering. It’s bonkers. Read more

10:57 AM

no kidding. Watching him testify made me absolutely sick. He is a truly vile person.