Kyle Richardson
Jan 11 2020

You know what’s really unsettling? His victim not reaching adulthood, let alone her twilight years. Save your compassion for someone who deserves it.

Jan 11 2020

Children shouldn’t murder their baby-mamas with kitchen knives just because they don’t want to be parents, then.

Nov 18 2019

Was Charlie’s Angels ever really for women though? I thought the whole point was that it was super male gazey. (This is a genuine question; I’m too young to have seen the show.)

Nov 9 2019

Had an opportunity to tour the USS George Washington when it docked in Hong Kong in around 2011. It was one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever seen. Also, they had fried mozzarella sticks and Miller Lite available in the buffet spread.  I quietly wept with patriotic pride for 10 minutes straight.  

Oct 29 2019

This is a true story: When I was in my dirtbag 20s, my friends and I used to hang out at a crappy bar because we loved the main bartender and the culture there. Then the scumbags who owned the bar fired the bartender we loved. He went to work at another bar and we followed him there. The first bar is closed now. Read more

Oct 29 2019

This is the fucking worst. They’re doing it. They’re killing Deadspin.

Oct 29 2019

Can the owners plz stop this shit and let the writers run this place. I really dont wanna have to find another group of websites to check 50 times a day during work. But they are really forcing my hand with this bullshit.

Oct 29 2019

Reminds me of that April Fool’s Day where Deadspin and Jez traded staffs. Someone from Jez had to populate Bear Friday and such.