Mar 20 2016

Editor status at any Gawker, inc subsidiary now comes with a $422,909 “contribution” required. And a job length expectation of 1.5 months.

Mar 17 2016

It’s a blog. What don’t you old timers understand about opinion pieces?

Mar 9 2016

I received a Tiffany key chain as a gift from my best friend in 1987 and lost it at the beach in 93. :( It was an 18th birthday gift. My then future husband gallantly went back and searched for it, which is how I knew he was a keeper. My son has an engraved rattle that he was given by his aunt and uncle, which they Read more

Mar 2 2016

Why is it that the interior of every private plane, no matter how expensive, ends up looking like a 1985 Starcraft van conversion?

Feb 29 2016

Alright, I’ll take the hate. Mad Max Fury Road is not that great of a movie. It’s smart for a blockbuster ‘splosion-fest, but it’s not actually all that smart. It HAS an ecological gimmick, but it doesn’t say anything about it. It HAS a sexist main hero and strong women, but it doesn’t really say anything about Read more

Feb 19 2016

How painful that you couldn’t be there at the end. But your writing is wonderful. Give yourself some downtime; it takes the pain a long time to lose its sharp edge, but it really never goes away.

Feb 16 2016

We all develop a lifelong fetish for discomfort after being weaned on a diet of British food, punctuated by vigorous spanking.