6/15/20 2:27PM

I think they’re swapping the ghouls and monsters of 19th Century pulp for the detectives and dames of 20th Century pulp. Not as crazy as it seems at first blush, but this new show is completely missing the necessary transgression and darkness that made those stories the Dreadfuls of their day. Red Harvest comes to Read more

6/15/20 2:10PM

For a show that seems to revel in doing James Ellroy fanfiction, I’m constantly perplexed by how toothless and uninteresting a lot of plot developments wind up being. In the second novel of Ellroy’s LA Quartet, we get a serial killer who’s disemboweling johns with a set of metal wolverine teeth, and who may have ties Read more

5/05/20 1:16PM

It’s a better statement than most of the type that get released to address rumors like this, but I am likewise a bit dubious given the private equity company that’s been raking Bethesda over the coals via ZeniMax media. Read more

4/09/20 7:59AM

The content of the two shows is what makes the plagiarism accusation so damning. Vrooman’s response, the graphic elements, and the name make it all pretty hard to look past. 

3/04/20 12:16PM

I was looking for a multiplayer survival sim and it did not deliver, in any measurable way, on that promise.

3/03/20 5:20PM

That’s what frustrates me the most about this game. The world itself is fantastic and detailed and nuanced and interesting––the game just sucks.

1/29/20 6:44PM

Stop buying games from these clowns, already. It’s not going to get better until Bobby Kotick is jettisoned into the sun, and failing profits will work to ensure that this happens.

1/29/20 6:14PM

And I think if your use of that word is trying to provide commentary on colonialist attitudes and violent encroachment, your story should be able to meet those themes in seriousness or impact. Paul highlights from Zach Z.’s review that it really doesn’t, and acts more like set dressing.

1/29/20 3:32PM

The tanks used to have fish in them, and little placards embedded in the tank formations with information about the fish in the tanks (some of which were fish that could be ordered off the menu, I believe, not that they would take them from the tank). Probably took them out to cut costs, or they kept dying. Read more

1/29/20 3:30PM

Here’s the thing: they’re not really cleaning them.

1/28/20 12:50PM

Joined a World at War match a bit late to find that a Brit, a German, and two Japanese guys were shouting each other down over the voice chat. As an American I made the mistake of saying, “Hey guys!”

1/23/20 11:41AM

Real hat trick of a dumb, racist, and irrelevant comment right there.

1/22/20 12:17PM

I was trying to find the quote for you, from private correspondence between Lovecraft and a friend of his (sadly couldn’t), but towards the end of his life he learns of the kind of extermination going on in the Holocaust, after some years of being pro-Hitler, and kind of realizes he may have been rooting for the Read more

1/21/20 8:01PM

Nah, it’s in a bunch of the stories, sadly. Read the description of the first reanimated corpse in Herbert West––Reanimator for the most explicit version. Read more

1/15/20 12:45PM

I think one challenge of comedy in games is timing. How can you set up, then execute, a joke for an audience that is in complete control of your pacing? Your humor has to not just strike a chord with the audience, it has to be capable of doing so in various different contexts determined by player action, and possibly Read more

12/13/19 6:57PM

Hiding the deaths isn’t weird––offering paid DLC to see them is.

12/13/19 4:10PM

If we’re talking whole franchises, GTA’s doing open world way before Witcher and Zelda, but Bethesda’s had open worlds in their games since they were doing those licensed Terminator FPSes in the 90s. Read more

12/13/19 10:45AM

If you sell more copies of your $30 game, you may still not make as much money as a $60 game that’s sold nearly as many copies, and has a live service element (which is what Microsoft has tried to do with Realms and the Minecraft Store). Read more