5/20/16 10:39AM

the consistently worst/most boring segment on the show. every week. every season.

5/16/16 10:38AM

Because the screechy old lady & the last man alive that thought the Bolshevik Revolution was a good idea (and was probably there) are all that much better? At least if we elected my dog, the worst sin he commits is maybe pooping in the rose garden or humping the leg of a visiting dignitary.

5/16/16 10:20AM

This is Trumpland, USA! No political correctness! Putting women in their place! Real-life bumper cars! Car chases! All for the low, low, low price of electing the most vile and unqualified candidate in US history.

5/13/16 8:35AM

But then you would have a late nineties, early 2000's manual accord. If we're appliance shopping, maybe go for the Maytag, they're still made in America aren't they?

5/13/16 8:28AM

Other issues on the 117,000-mile car include formerly rusted floorpans that were poorly fixed by a previous owner, and a non-working A/C. It’s best not to bring that last bit up with the seller though, as he seems to be sensitive about it. A crack in the windshield rounds out the bugaboo list.

5/04/16 12:55PM

I’ve done about a million debadges by now. I’ve found that using my thumb and rolling the adhesive until some friction is created is possibly the most effective way to remove most of it. Then rubbing alcohol and a rag gets the rest off in no time. For whatever reason, the goo-gones and other alternatives always made Read more

5/04/16 11:16AM

Pfffft, it’s a Jeep. Back at the factory they probably finished one can of paint half-way through and then opened another.

4/29/16 9:44AM

Isn’t the 500 Abarth engine very tunable, though? Might be mistaken, but I remembered reading folks using a piggyback ECU and getting power up to 200whp. That sort of power in one of these would make it an absolute hoot to drive.

4/29/16 9:42AM

It’s the 40 lb-ft of torque it’d be interested in. In the end I’d still go Miata probably.

4/27/16 12:56PM

No SMG is better than a manual. source: resale values of manuals vs SMGs, the amount of forum posts on how to convert SMG to manual, and anyone with a working left foot who has driven both)

4/27/16 9:40AM

A 318 with M badges is fake. A 3 series with every single M3 part swapped into it is a one-off, not fake.

4/26/16 10:27AM

In his defense, Bernie wants to tax the shit out him...Hence why you don’t see many billionaires saying they’re feeling the bern. lol It’s kinda weird to see a rich guy who doesn’t whine about about the possibility of higher taxes.