Sep 11

I had one pull into traffic in front of me the other day and I *did* follow it home, but then somehow it missed the turn for my driveway, LOL. Read more

Sep 3

Wasting money so they can say anyone talking of defunding the police is ripping bullet proof vest off officers chest.

Aug 31

Still better than Spirit Airlines. 

Aug 28

That’s the China-only, Cherokee based, Commander. That’s not the Wagoneer.

Aug 20

I get bashed on here when I claim Ford has poor quality. Glad to know I’m not alone.  I’m in the market for a Fiesta sized car but the Fiesta certainly won’t be it. 

Aug 19

As a former FiST owner, I feel that. $22k car with a $12k interior. How many times have you replaced the blend door actuator?

Aug 19

My takeaway is that the Changli’s quality is about in line with my Fiesta ST’s after 3 months..

Aug 13

People that have seen it describe it as a large fastback sedan along the lines of the Escala concept, but with a front end similar to the Lyriq.

Aug 12

Counterargument 1: There’s no point in gameplay if players tune out of it. Read more

Aug 12

There are two types of Animal Crossing players. I like that the game is slow and kinda obtuse in how it works. The fact that perhaps the most significant aspect of Animal Crossing is that it runs in real-time gives insight into Nintendo’s vision for the experience they’re trying to deliver. I don’t think these QOL

Aug 5

Because touch screen!  Because fancy!  Because we don’t know how car interiors or driving work!  Because the laser eyeballs will do it, you don’t need to drive!  Autopilot! 

Aug 3

I can make that happen.

Jul 28

It doesn’t happen. First, there’s the maillard reaction on the outside, which sort “seals” the burger. Next: watermelons are mostly water, much of which evaporates during the cooking process, thus concentrating flavor and compressing the cell wall structuresort of like letting the air out of a tire. It’s a burger Read more

Jul 26

4 series... It’s lower fascia looks like Lucy making a face when something goes wrong. The upper part looks like it suffering from its own farts.

Jul 26

I like the new Genesis styling esp. the G90. That car looks total boss in person.

Jul 25

You may not realize it but the complaint made against you was the best thing that could have happened. Read more

Jul 17

Those weren’t experiments. Those are the baseline.

Jan 21

I think it looks great. I don’t think it would be my first choice if I had $180,000, but it certainly wouldn’t be my last.

Jan 21

Whew, what a gorgeous photo.