Yesterday 4:15PM

Same. Anything that’s that simple (opening a beer, pulling a draft, an ice water at the end of the night, etc) get’s a dollar. Anything more complicated would get more, but then I don’t usually order anything more complicated.

Wednesday 4:41PM

If I smell smoke, at all in a rental I demand something different. Fuck anyone who smokes in a rental car. I’ve had headaches and vague nausea  from shit like that, which is pretty funny since I used to be a (light) smoker 20 years ago.

Wednesday 4:26PM

It’s definitely one of my common complaints. Everything always gets bigger, and heavier, and softer. Also, the wheelbase is almost 108" (!!) according to MotorTrend. The weight is also 3100lbs, which isn’t “compact” by any means. Read more

Wednesday 4:20PM

I’m sure I’m just projecting here, but I’d imagine that young people will go Hatchbacks -> Crossovers.  Once they’re used to the general usefulness of hatchbacks for all their sporting needs, I can’t really see them moving back to a sedan?  I mean, that’s certainly the case for me (young Gen X/old millennial).

Wednesday 3:00PM

Yeah..........  The problem is that these aren’t “good” by any stretch of the imagination.  Passable, maybe.  Good?  Definitely not.  Get yourself something like the Victorinox 8" chef’s knife and a paring knife and go from there.  

Yeah..........  The problem is that these aren’t “good” by any stretch of the imagination.  Passable, maybe.  Good? 

Tuesday 7:13PM

Yup. It’s here, and she admits that a) she didn’t pay for it and b) she’s not sending it back. So basically she wanted a $150 mouth guard, contacted them to “review it”, didn’t disclose it in the article, and then kept it at the end.

Tuesday 1:29PM

Well, I can’t say that the long payback helped us become homeowners since we actually bought our house in ‘07 while we were still paying off the car. We did make a bunch of other long-term financial decisions at the time (like only owning one car between the two of us, or purchasing a used car for $4.5k in cash for Read more

Tuesday 12:08PM

There are plenty of options to allow people to live in the homes that they raised a family in without going to limiting all homes to tax increases below the rate of inflation. Remember, when this was passed in 1978 it limited the increase in property values to 2%. Inflation in 1978 was 7.6%. It was designed to Read more

Tuesday 10:49AM

Eh, me voting down a school budget doesn’t directly impact me, and probably wouldn’t indirectly impact me either. My city would still be fine, kids would still get educated, and life would go on as normal. And I’d save $500/year which would be vastly more than the negative impact I’d feel from a cheaper school district Read more

Tuesday 10:44AM

Yup. Looked up my wife’s ‘15 Sonic (paid $13k for 6 years ago) and Carvana would buy it back for $9k+.  Was suddenly seriously tempted since we don’t drive much, but ultimately decided selling it now and buying something when the crunch was over wasn’t worth it.

Tuesday 10:38AM

So what you’re saying is that a retiree living in a huge house should pay less in property taxes and that a new family struggling to pay their bills and raise their kids should pay more? Money is fungible, and if you cap what one household pays in property taxes it raises the property taxes of everyone else. Or Read more

Tuesday 10:26AM

Back in 2004 I (somehow) cooked the I6 out of my Cherokee, and the wife and I drained our meager house savings for a down payment on a brand new ‘05 Scion tC. We were going to pay off the loan in 4 years, and we agreed to own it for a year with no car payments before buying another vehicle. While paying down the loan Read more

Monday 4:27PM

Voting for god, gays and guns won’t actually make those bigots lives better. 
Read more

Monday 4:15PM

So, first of all, making college free is different than canceling student debt. Current graduates took out loans to go to college, and now have higher paying jobs than non-graduates (on average). If you want to make community colleges free, GREAT! If you want to incorporate trade schools in to that as well, EVEN

Monday 4:03PM

Lol, OK, so you don’t actually live in the real world then. Gotcha. I live in a swing state (Wisconsin). I’ve watched it swing from Obama to Trump and then back to Biden. Any of your ideas, if pushed by the mainstream Democratic party, would have lost Wisconsin, and probably the presidency. Read more

Monday 3:10PM

Nope, that’s exactly my point - that we (and they) view “self-interests” differently. They place more value on god, gays, guns, abortion, blah blah blah than they do on food stamps for the poor, even if they are the ones on food stamps. And the only way that changes is if they can vote for their own food stamps (or Read more

Monday 3:05PM

You’d think so, but.......... I didn’t have the exact information on your car, but Carvana will buy a 2013 Titanium Focus Hatch w/ 75k miles on it for $7k.