Sep 16

PAGING ERIK SHILLING, Please report to the front. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Read more

Sep 15

Please don’t release it with that plain square grille Nissan... this took me 10 minutes, I’m sure it can be updated at this stage:

Sep 3

I’m sorry, but boomers aren’t going to buy that mower. It’s mid-engine. 

Sep 1

Bipartisan doesn’t necessarily mean majority.

Sep 1

Is that... real? Its not real. Is it?

Aug 25

For Bollinger money I could get a Ford F-1150.

Aug 25

“For the metropolitan area in L.A., this is a perfect way to engage certain target groups Youtubers and influencers with the brand,” Read more

Aug 24

I read this as “If you can, get outside for even a short walk, some light screeching,” and i thought to myself
“Damn, some light screeching, or maybe full blown screaming-into-the-void sounds exactly like my mood these days”

Aug 24

Macan S, that’ll improve anyone’s mood.  Heck, you buying one has improved mine.

Aug 21

Is this why we still have death wobble and track bars fall off?

Aug 19

Only because it was actually a Mazda...

Aug 18

I would also assume both Broncos can fly by simply throwing themselves at the ground and missing.

Aug 17

Yawn. Such a hot take. My 2015 Frontier has never had a single issue since I’ve bought it new and I know a bunch of people that have the same experience. They may be dated, but it’s going to last me 20 years without any major repairs.

Aug 11

Ghost!  Where you been?  Have I just missed you continuously for months?

Aug 11

This 61-year-old dinosaur is about to go outside to an unairconditioned garage, work out with heavy weights for one hour and 15 minutes, and then save the...well, actually I’m going to pack our brand-spanking-new Tahoe for a trip to New Mexico. But still, I think I can find the energy to click a button in order to see Read more

Aug 7

Google “Living near a freeway air pollution

You aren’t going like what you see.

Aug 4

Granny shifting; not double-clutching like you should

Jul 24

Get a used Nissan Frontier. Their architecture is ancient, yes, but they are EXTREMELY good trucks. Frontiers have the VQ series V6, which is reliable and makes good torque. They are cheap to fix/easy to work on. Cheaper than Tacomas, Rangers, and Colorados/Canyons. I think they are very clean looking. They don’t have Read more