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Like there has ever been an EV maker that over-promised!
Psssht! Read more

Any chance that was “Rocking Richmond Nissan”, or whatever those coke-addled criminals are now calling themselves in the west end? Read more

an eighth of an ounce.... 3.5 grams.  The smallest unit that would be worth selling (or so I heard). Read more

That’s some Trapper Keeper knowledge right there!

Or, someone who knows why it is called an 8-ball....... Read more

I feel certain there are many literary sources for this.  Perchance, was it the city from which Roland comes? Read more

Meh, if they packed it out and took it to some place that was already in use (not pristine), then they aren’t as far off as one might think. Read more

“How did you know you were a dinosaur?”

“Someone showed me what is now referred to as an ‘SUV’”

Let me wander off into that good night.  My old age will burn and rage with the dying of the light. Read more

I’d have to check, but I believe the Maxima is getting the axe... (unless that is what you were inferring)
I don’t doubt there will be a Maxima-e before too long, though. Read more

Gas stations will close? I don’t think so.
Evolve, sure.
“Hey, this prime location you have will serve fewer and fewer customers in the future.”
“Well, I could close, or I could add a row of chargers, maintain them, as they are not just stuck out in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and provide lots of ways for people to spend Read more

Er, if it is full-sized and works, do we call it a replica? Read more

Uh.... Which gear was this again? Neutral?
Did you build a homemade howitzer?  Railgun? Read more

Well, this is where we may disagree.
I can’t have a conversation with the silent generation; they’re dead.
I CAN try to change the current world. Unfortunately, boomers and keep voting in boomers to Congress. When I look at their mistakes, I see them as a function of greed.  I see it that way because, no matter what Read more

I wouldn’t say the Boomers had it easy, but they sure did climb that ladder and pull it up behind them. In the last 20 years, they’ve only destroyed the world economy what? three times? on their way to the grave?

It should surprise no one that Boomers gave rise (and birth) to the feral Gen X, seeing as they were never Read more

Why would spring and fall not tell you the same thing? Read more

This is the best explanation I have see of anything, ever. The word also lends itself to expansion, such as “assclownery” (the acts that get you deemed an assclown) and “assclownishness” (the larger mindset that is demonstrated by assclowns).
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350Z had a TSB in the early days for an EXTREMELY specific range for toe. Like, 2mm +/- .5mm or so.
And they were staggered, so, no rotation for you; come back, one year! (and get new fronts) Read more

Hey, is it okay to admit that I like my Titan?

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SMOD - Strawberry Milkshake of Death. Not a problem in manuals and largely handled after ‘08. Also handled by putting a $50 transmission cooler in aftermarket. Let’s see...... Camshaft position sensors (2) sometimes go bad. Just keep them in the glove box, both can be reached (one easily, one not so much)
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Not stirring the pot, just asking.
To me, they always looked like a pickup that was a bad pickup. They also looked like a Jeep that was a worse Jeep. The level of compromise there seemed to drag down both ends of utility to something that wasn’t great at anything.
Am I wrong?

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