As far as I know Adams never visited Jefferson’s estate. Read more

my young family member works at one...and it sounds atrocious and it’s a constant revolving door of teens with little to no serving experience.... Read more

This is completely accurate. Once it took me 45 minutes to get seated at a Friendly’s. It was not crowded. Read more

Other things the founder of Friendly’s did not build to make money: Friendly’s. Read more

Tough. It’s a UK show. If people abroad watch it, fine. It’s funded by us BBC licence payers so we expect it to cater to us. Read more

“Too scripted, fake challenges...fake crowd laughing and cheering at every sentence...” Read more

Hate to break it to you, but the challenges have always been fake and scripted.
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It sucks that because she’s young and the marriage was short everyone defaulted to “greedy little gold digger.” Read more

Maybe Dale Jr. is also a Hitler reference. Think about it.
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88=hh=heil hitler. common reference among white supremacists
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People born in ‘88 aren’t grown men. They’re still chi- Read more

what doesn’t bode well is TMZ not being taken more to task for the weirdly pro-depp tone of their story. for a story that lasts but a brief few paragraphs they clearly insinuate that she is making it up. as if his mother dying is enough to explain away the fact that he looks like a bloated cirrhosis-fueled walking Read more

Um, she hasn’t earned the nomination yet... Read more

I’m seriously troubled, and I was (am?) a Bernie supporter. This is a cringefest. Nothing good can come of it. Read more

Bernie Sanders is becoming more ridiculous by the day. Read more

Calling me a shithead doesn’t take away from the fact that one of the writers of a political blog is writing about the Republican candidate. Read more

Honestly, if Clinton would have tried to debate McCain in the final days of the 2008 campaign, everyone would have been calling for her head.
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Um, I pretty much thought writing about Trump is Anna’s job. This is an article in The Slot-Trump’s the Republican nominee and as painful as it is, everything he does is considered newsworthy. Read more

women bleeding out of their wherevers, RT 4 awareness Read more

I know, and they still have such funny things to say about them. Thanks Anna et al.! Read more