Mar 23

The only reason the GOP doesn’t want DC as a state is because they vote overwhelmingly democrat, which means 2 more democratic senators getting in the way of their agenda. The same goes for Puerto Rico. Read more

Mar 19

No. I simply figure any white nationalist movement (which is what the MAGA cult is) which espouses fascism (which it does) and both approves of and courts the support of avowed Nazi cunts (which it does) doesn’t deserve kid gloves. If you are a MAGA cultist and don’t support fascism (as in the overwhelming belief that Read more

Mar 3

Or if someone drove into a crowd of protesters blocking the doors of an abortion clinic.

Mar 3

The length this country is willing to fall in order to protect the status quo, instead of rising to the ideal that it itself set out to be, is simply astounding.

Feb 26

God shut the fuck up you insufferable meatsack. Video games are a form of entertainment that came with the advent of computer technology, that’s it. They are no different from movies or books or music or any other form of artistic stimulation. I played video games as a kid AND went outside and played with Hot Wheels Read more

Jan 15

“Is it uncool to ride an automatic motorcycle? Is it geared toward women?”

Sep 29

Ah, I see. I stand corrected. I did not understand the reference. The wording confused me and I thought the comment referenced human faces directly, not uncanny valley. Ignore my previous comment.

Sep 9

I like the A-Arm independent front suspension. Stouts are so much better without overdoing the hops.

Aug 7

I feel like they really missed their chance with the naming. It could’ve been “MAGA Klassic Kar Kruise” to really round it out and embrace the culture.

Jul 25

But that’s “socialism,” and we all know socialism leads to the mass murder of millions of people. You know, because Nazis and the Soviets used the term. As if one can’t call themselves whatever; calling themselves the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” doesn’t make North Korea a democracy. Read more

Jul 25

Ah yes, the obscure Winkler rotary engine. I remember that it was known for problems with its Ayyyy-pex seals.

Jul 1

Dead exactly 1 day after Doug posted his review of the most expensive Continental ever? Coincidence? We should get alex jones on this one...