Nov 1 2016

Eh....I think this is only an issue because oversensitive liberal white folk who can’t use those words don’t understand using words like that to make jokes about yourself or just saying the words in general without censoring ourselves because we can. Remember all the clutched pearls over the president saying ‘nigger’? Read more

Sep 21 2016

Yep. Complete with articles of unsupported faith and moralistic punishments.

Sep 21 2016

Many years ago I came to the realization that our economic system is basically our modern religion -- complete with a class of “priests” who make a point of keeping it all obscure and mysterious so the rest of us have to just go along with what they say. Read more

Aug 31 2016

Yes. This exactly! The headline alone is horrendously condescending, and the rest of the article doesn’t really do much to make up for it. If Ria Misra doesn’t personally like Bill Nye, then...that’s certainly a choice. But the guy has done more for Science literacy and Science advocacy SINCE his show went off the Read more

Aug 29 2016

Aw man, I never knew that fact about Asimov... Well that just sucks. I thought he might have been a decent human being especially after the subjects of many of his novels.

Jul 5 2016

Also Oswald killed Kennedy, Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare, 9/11 was not an inside job, the UFO at Roswell was just a spy satellite, and the Queen of England is not a lizard person. Just thought I should get that off the table before the crazy people show up.

Jun 7 2016

these nuts used Gizmodo as a source for an article claiming they were silenced by facebook too.
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Nov 19 2015

Peter Dinklage as Newt please.

Nov 16 2015

Everything Valentine knows about the Mysterious Stranger is in a note under one of the beds in his office. It’s hilarious.

Nov 6 2015

No surprises to me. We’ve got the confrontational “No, you’re an idiot” kind like Dawkins and then we’ve got “No, I know this is going to be an intellectual Vietnam with you so I really don’t want to talk about it” kind like me.
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Nov 1 2015

That was intense? That was Preacher? There’s a preacher hurting someone and someone with an Irish brogue. No Saint of Killers, no Arseface, no vampires. Can’t have Preacher without those things.

Oct 8 2015

Magical thinking will be our downfall...

Aug 20 2015

The lesson may as well be that if you try to get a bunch of people on the internet together to accomplish something, there will always be an enormous amount of people there trying to ruin it because they haven’t anything better to do.